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Rephrase: “The Top Seven Must-See Shows to Stream This Week: Breaking the Crown’s Curse”

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The Curse

Whitney and Asher Siegel, portrayed by Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder, respectively, are a couple who are overly sincere in their attempts to turn their condescending charitable efforts into a television program. They enlist the help of Benny Safdie’s manipulative producer, Dougie, in this endeavor. From the beginning, Whitney’s reserved demeanor and Asher’s occasional outbursts of anger make them uncomfortable company. When Asher is cursed by a girl, things take a strange turn. Despite being a step up from the meta-cringe of Fielder’s previous show, The Rehearsal, which often reveled in awkwardness, The Curse still manages to touch on serious issues such as gentrification, privilege, and middle-class guilt. However, even in the midst of these weighty topics, moments of cringe are never too far away, as evident in a conversation about a small penis. Overall, The Curse is an excellent production.
00:00:00 UTC 2021

Paramount+ will be available starting from November 11, 2021 at 00:00:00 UTC.

The Crown

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in The Crown.

Warning: the story will not have a happy ending. The fifth season may have seemed like a drawn-out pause, but now the tumultuous history of the Windsors reaches its most explosive point with Princess Diana’s affair with the tabloids coming to a tragic climax. Unsurprisingly, it has already sparked controversy, with newspapers pretending to be shocked by a scene in which Prince Charles (played by Dominic West) speaks to the “ghost” of Princess Diana (portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki) – one cannot help but wonder if they have reflected on their own role in the events depicted. Additionally, viewers can expect to see teenage struggles with Harry and William as this highly successful series comes to a close.
to Friday 24 November

From November 16th to November 24th, Netflix will be available for viewing.

A Homicide at the Edge of the Earth

​​Emma Corrin as Darby Hart in A Murder at the End of the World.

It is important to be cautious when accepting an invitation to a retreat in a distant place from a secretive billionaire. However, Darby (played by Emma Corrin) disregards this advice in this new drama and suffers the consequences as events become violent. She must uncover the identity of the killer in order to save her own life. The film is sleek, stylish, and filled with violence, but beneath the modern technology and Bond villain vibes of the location, it is ultimately a classic murder mystery set in a country house. Imagine Poirot reimagined by director Nicolas Winding Refn and you will have a good idea of what to expect.

Starting on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, Disney+ will be available.

Steps to Becoming a Mafia Leader

Al Capone (third from left) in How to Become a Mob Boss.

Netflix has taken its satirical approach, previously used on cult leaders and tyrants, and applied it to mob bosses in their new documentary series narrated by Peter Dinklage. Through a combination of interviews and animation, the show delves into the world of mobsters. One mobster is quoted saying, “We cater to the desires of the public, not just kill people.” This seemingly harmless statement takes on a darker meaning when considering the various illegal activities it could refer to, such as providing bootlegged alcohol during prohibition or distributing crack cocaine in the 1980s. The series features figures like Gotti, Escobar, and Capone as its subjects.
Netflix, from Tuesday 14 November

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Brawn: The Incredible Narrative of Formula 1’s Unachievable Formula

Keanu Reeves and Jenson Button in Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story.

After the Honda team pulled out of Formula One racing due to the global financial crisis, Brawn GP emerged as an unexpected success. In 2009, the team participated in one season and managed to win both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships. However, shortly after their victory, the team was sold to Mercedes and rebranded. This documentary series features Keanu Reeves, who displays a genuine fascination with the curious and controversial events of that season and its aftermath.

On Tuesday, November 15th, Disney+ will be available.

Scott Pilgrim Begins His Journey

Michael Cera voices Scott Pilgrim in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.

This installment brings Scott Pilgrim back to its origins – as the 2010 film adaptation of a graphic novel series by Edgar Wright. As an adult animation, it fits well with the original concept. However, some of the quirky surrealism from the live-action version is lost in translation. While the video-game inspired storyline remains effective, the animated version of Scott lacks some of the endearing charm that Michael Cera (voicing the character) brought to the role. The plot remains unchanged – Scott is a member of an indie band and comically battles his dream girl Ramona’s evil ex-boyfriends.
to Sunday 19 November

Netflix, starting from Friday the 17th of November until Sunday the 19th of November.

This game is called “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.”

The title of this game is “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.”

Monarch Legacy of Monsters.

Fifty years after the epic battle between Godzilla and the Titans in San Francisco, this high-budget fantasy drama follows two siblings who find themselves caught up in a world of monsters and monster hunters. Army veteran Lee Shaw, played by Kurt Russell, is at the center of this world, dedicating his life to tracking a secretive organization called Monarch. However, as Monarch fears exposure, Shaw and his team may need assistance. Enter a massive and fearsome creature emerging from the depths.

On November 17, 2020, Apple TV+ will be available.

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