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Renegade Nell has curated a list of the top seven streaming shows for this week that she recommends to A Gentleman in Moscow.
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Renegade Nell has curated a list of the top seven streaming shows for this week that she recommends to A Gentleman in Moscow.

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Renegade Nell

Sally Wainwright’s delightful period adventure features Derry Girl Louisa Harland as Nell Jackson, a widowed woman who turns to robbery to survive. The show is filled with hilarious and absurd fight scenes, showcasing Nell’s occasional superpowers. However, the story runs deeper as it sheds light on class struggles, with Nell facing hardships due to her unintentional conflict with wealthy and corrupt elites. Harland shines in her role, with a talented supporting cast including Craig Parkinson, Adrian Lester, and a diminutive Nick Mohammed as a helpful sidekick. Overall, a highly enjoyable and entertaining watch.
at 12 p.m.

Disney Plus will be available starting at 12 p.m. on Friday, March 29th.

A Gentleman in Moscow

Paul Ready as Petrov and Ewan McGregor as Count Rostov In a Gentleman in Moscow.View image in fullscreen

Osip, a member of the Communist party, declares that life as you know it in Moscow is now over. He commands that you never leave the hotel. Count Alexander Rostov, played by Ewan McGregor, is sentenced after the 1917 Russian Revolution to a seemingly bearable form of imprisonment. He spends his days dining, gossiping with other guests, and admiring his impressive moustache. However, the chaotic events of early 20th-century Russia finally reach Rostov’s doorstep. Based on a novel by Amor Towles, the story may feel slow at times, but it effectively captures the atmosphere of genteel struggle during this era.
to Saturday 27 March

From March 26th to March 27th, Paramount+ will be available.

Tig Notaro: Hello Again

Tig Notaro: Hello Again.

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Tig Notaro is one of the few comedians who excel at finding humor in the darker aspects of life. She has had plenty of experience, such as in her 2013 special Live, where she dealt with being diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, she is now in remission, giving this new set a more lighthearted tone. Directed by her wife Stephanie Allynne, Hello Again focuses on the peculiarities and eccentricities of everyday life, viewed through Notaro’s abstract and slightly surreal perspective. Her stories may go off on tangents, touching on topics like life-changing text messages and awkward run-ins with famous figures in Hollywood.
Prime Video can be accessed starting from Tuesday 26 March

The Believers

The Believers.

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When all other options fail, turning to a religious scheme may be the last option available. In this Thai drama, three heartless criminals are confronted with financial ruin when their business fails. However, they devise a new plan by taking advantage of the loosely regulated practice of making donations to Buddhist temples. Like any successful criminal operation, the key is knowing when to quit – but the trio soon find themselves in over their heads. It’s an intriguing idea, brought to life with energy.

On Wednesday, March 27th in the Pacific Standard Time zone, Netflix will be releasing new content.

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American Rust: Broken Justice

Jeff Daniels as Detective Del Harris in American Rust: Broken Justice.View image in fullscreen

The iconic American ideal remains elusive as this police drama, based on the novel by Philipp Meyer, makes a comeback. Starring Jeff Daniels as Del Harris, a conflicted police chief with a troubled history, the series follows Harris and Grace (Maura Tierney) as they strive to rebuild their lives after the tumultuous incidents of the first season. However, a string of seemingly unconnected murders (spoiler alert: they will likely turn out to be more interconnected than one might initially assume) disrupts their newfound stability. While the plot may not be groundbreaking, the gritty depiction of a small-town America is strangely alluring.

On Thursday, March 28, Prime Video will be available.



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This touching film tells the story of Anthony Madu, a young Nigerian boy who found a passion for ballet at the age of five and quickly showed incredible talent. At just 12 years old, Anthony was accepted into the prestigious Elmhurst Ballet School in Birmingham, a daunting opportunity for someone who had never left his hometown of Lagos. While it is an inspiring story of taking risks and achieving fulfillment, it also highlights the challenges and obstacles that come with pursuing a career in dance. As Anthony battles homesickness and faces physical hurdles, the question remains: will his body allow him to pursue his dreams?

On March 29, 2021, Disney+ will be available for streaming.

Is It Cake?

Is It Cake?

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It doesn’t seem logical that it would have gotten past the initial pitch, but this charmingly eccentric baking competition is currently in its third season. This is mostly due to the impressive decorating skills that are showcased, reaching genius levels. However, the true allure of the show comes from the hilariously enthusiastic reactions to creatively disguised cakes. As always, there is money to be won, but the real reward is witnessing the dedicated host, Mikey Day, exclaiming “What are you hiding?” at elaborately sculpted cakes resembling an octopus, fire hydrant, or thigh-high leather boots. It’s uncertain if these items are actually made of cake or not.

From March 29th onwards, Netflix will release new content.

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