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Readers shared their desire to own TV props, including Mr. Bean's car which would surely spark conversation.
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Readers shared their desire to own TV props, including Mr. Bean’s car which would surely spark conversation.


Many production companies are now offering sets from well-known TV shows for sale, giving fans the opportunity to own items that appeared in series like The Crown, Succession, and Sex and the City. In light of this, we inquired with our readers about which TV props they have long desired.

The hat of Worzel Gummidge

I am interested in obtaining the hat worn by Mackenzie Crook in the 2019 version of Worzel Gummidge. The new series was well-made, giving a contemporary twist to a beloved classic. It reminded me of a time when simple things like cake were more valuable than a phone. Worzel was a unique character who stayed true to his beliefs, even if it got him into trouble – similar to today’s climate activists. His hat would be perfect for gardening or going for a walk, in any weather. Stephen Kent, 71 years old, from Leicestershire.

‘The “1 cent Pickles” crock pot from Monica’s apartment in Friends’

I have always desired Monica’s “homemade 1 cent pickles” crock pot from Friends. When I became disabled and could no longer work as a teacher, I was afraid of what the future held. I fell into a deep sadness and spent most of my time alone at home without internet or cable. My Friends DVDs became my source of comfort. The show was a worldwide sensation and watching it made me feel connected to humanity. Although I do not watch it as often now, it helped me through my lowest point. Plus, I have always had a fondness for pickles. Being disabled has led me to explore countertop gardening, including making vinegar, kimchi, and of course, pickles. Noelani Clough, in her early 50s from Albuquerque, US.

‘A self-loading champagne fridge from Absolutely Fabulous’

The champagne fridge in Edina’s kitchen in Absolutely Fabulous is self-loading. I found it to be a beautiful, joyful, and ingenious addition, and my longing to own one requires no justification. From Lynn in Newcastle upon Tyne.

“The typewriter used by Jessica Fletcher in the TV show Murder, She Wrote”

Murder She Wrote provided comfort during a challenging time when my two sons with autism were young. During their nap times, I would have to sit and hold them for an hour, but I would always make sure to tune in to the show for some peace and relaxation. I have a strong desire to own Jessica Fletcher’s typewriter as it is featured in the intro of the early episodes and brings me joy. Jessica’s journey from a small-town teacher to a successful author and detective, all while staying true to herself, is incredibly inspiring. It reminded me that age is just a number and you are never too old to pursue your dreams. I continue to watch the show and am confident that one day, my own story will come to life on a (hypothetical) typewriter. Karen, 58, Devon.

‘Adam West’s Batmobile’

Adam West in the Batmobile from the 1960s version of Batman.View image in fullscreen

Some people believe that vehicles fall under the responsibility of the property department rather than being considered props. However, if we broaden our definition to include vehicles, then I would choose the Adam West Batmobile as my favorite prop. Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, I would watch reruns of Batman and dream of having the job of managing props. After obtaining a business degree, I moved to Los Angeles and began searching for employment. I met someone at a video rental store who mentioned they were hiring production assistants for a TV show, and I eagerly took the opportunity. Eventually, I landed my first job as a prop manager on a horror film and have been working in this role ever since. – Greg from Los Angeles, USA

The miniature version of Mr. Bean’s car.

The television show Mr. Bean has achieved great success worldwide. I was fortunate enough to travel when I was younger and witness people from all over laughing at it. If you were to own Mr. Bean’s car, it would be a great conversation starter, especially with mechanics! When I was a child, my family had a car similar to Mr. Bean’s iconic Mini, although ours was not yellow. It was originally black, but later painted battleship grey (yuck). This brings back fond memories of trips to the park or occasionally, the beach – which was a special treat growing up in Birmingham. Antony, 48, from Tamworth.

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‘A Muhammad Ali photo from NCIS’

For many years while working on NCIS, the character Leon Vance’s office was decorated with a famous photo of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston in the boxing ring. I made sure to give credit to Muhammad Ali Enterprises whenever even a small part of the photo was visible in an episode. The full list of on-screen credits had to be approved by various departments. There were times when the photo would unexpectedly appear in a scene in Leon Vance’s office due to editing changes. Revising credits was a tedious task as it involved getting approval from multiple busy individuals who may not be directly involved. This experience inspired me to make it my goal to own the same print one day. Although I asked for the print when it was taken down several years ago, it had to be kept for potential flashbacks in the director’s office. I am still hopeful that one day I will be able to call it mine. These are the words of Justin Kilmer, a TV producer from Los Angeles, US.

‘A small gold nude sculpture from Fleabag’

I am interested in acquiring the small sculpture of a gold nude that was prominently featured in Fleabag. In my opinion, Fleabag is one of the best shows ever and I would be ecstatic to own any significant item from the show, but the sculpture holds a special significance for me as I am a sculptor who primarily works with the human form. I have watched the show in its entirety three times and I am certain that a fourth viewing is not far off. Christian Ristow, 53, from Sweden.

The helmet worn by Joxer the Mighty in the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess.

I became a fan of Xena: Warrior Princess in 1997 and was immediately captivated by it. My admiration grew even more when Joxer The Mighty was introduced as a character. Although some viewers felt he disrupted the show’s lesbian undertones, as a young bisexual woman still discovering my identity and someone with undiagnosed ADHD, Joxer’s eccentric behavior was relatable to me. His unrequited love for Gabrielle, Xena’s loyal companion and assumed romantic partner, reminded me of my own unreciprocated crushes growing up. Owning Joxer’s helmet serves as a reminder of the amazing creators of the show and my fellow fans in the community. Nancy Lorenz, 44, from Perth, Australia.

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