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Please provide the top 10 highlights from week two of The Traitors by Jaz-atha Christie.
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Please provide the top 10 highlights from week two of The Traitors by Jaz-atha Christie.

As we approach the middle of the contest, the suspense continues to build with another intense cliffhanger. Before the show returns tonight, here’s a summary of all the exciting events from week two, including avoiding spoilers and enjoying a glass of rosé.

1. Di another day

“Diane, do not consume it! We departed the fortress with a beloved supporter at risk. Traitors Paul, Harry, and Miles were tasked with a covert assignment: to assassinate by convincing a gullible follower to take a drink from a chalice laced with poison. The situation became comical as the trio struggled to locate a collection of Shakespeare plays in the library with the cup concealed inside. Poor Harry even thought about calling his mother for assistance. How endearing.”

Miles, who took it upon himself to be the bartender, was assigned the duty of persuading their selected individual to accept the chalice. It became evident that their focus was on retired educator Diane. Miles filled the chalice with sparkling rosé, but acted as if he had intended to use regular rosé instead. Diane consented to taking the bubbly beverage and an exchange was completed. As the credits rolled, her fate remained uncertain, leaving viewers laughing at the television.

Speculative ideas sparked discussions on social media. Did Diane figure out Miles’ scheme? Could she potentially sabotage it by keeping it to herself? Will she get sidetracked and not drink the wine? Is it possible for the bedtime bell to ring and end the task, saving her from consequences? As a cliffhanger, it was more engaging than the abrupt ending of episode four, where Ash was banished and about to reveal information that was already known.

2. The antagonist Paul in a pantomime production.

Oh dear, he isn’t! Oh yes, he is! Paul, the red-haired troublemaker, has become the Traitors’ version of Nasty Nick from Big Brother. In interviews, he exudes an unbearable sense of satisfaction, gloating about his cunning and deviousness. He tries to play the sympathy card by portraying himself as a family man and becomes teary-eyed when questioned. He betrayed Ash without a second thought and even lied to her face. He’s the villain we love to despise, but it’s no surprise that he’s so conniving. It has been revealed that Paul was a contestant on Deal Or No Deal over ten years ago…and only won 10p.

Paul has been extremely well-liked and influential, making it difficult to criticize him. However, he has recently appeared flustered and has made some uncharacteristic mistakes, such as willingly going into the dungeon and acting needy towards his rival, Jaz. If Paul were to face consequences, people all over the country would rejoice. However, without his villainous antics, the show may lose some of its enjoyment. Let’s be grateful that former House of Commons speaker John Bercow has not found his way into the castle, unlike in the US version. He would definitely disrupt the order!

3. Diane, queen of our hearts

Diane, a diva from Ireland, has undoubtedly taken over the title of gay icon from Amanda, a Welsh wonder, in the previous series. She thrilled audiences with the unexpected revelation of her familial connection (“He couldn’t be my son…But Ross is”). Her bravery during the graveyard task, where she skillfully evaded searchlights like a ninja with a bob haircut, was admirable. Her choice of jeans and jacket at breakfast has earned her the nickname “Fermanagh Wintour”.

Death by sparkling rosé – basically murdered for being a wine o’clock summer fun hun – would be a fittingly camp way to go, but don’t rule out a plot twist. Dame Di’s cult heroine status would be secured by a dramatic escape.

4. Miles off the pace

Is Miles, Paul’s accomplice, also taking unnecessary risks? The Traitors trio, once confident, were now in a state of panicked confusion due to the high-stakes mission. Their secretive conversations by the fire and investigation in the library seemed suspicious. With Zack present, there was potential for suspicion.

Miles’ persistent tendency to swap wines may raise suspicion, and his bossy behavior during the graveyard mission has caused resentment. As a popular veterinary nurse, he may face scrutiny during the next Round Table meeting.

This music is comically straightforward.

The soundtrack in the style of Selling Sunset, featuring chamber-pop covers, has been comically spot-on in this series. I particularly enjoyed “Whose Side Are You On?” when the Traitors betrayed Ash, “Something Wicked This Way Comes” during the firepit discussion, and Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire” playing as Paul schemed (“How’s the castle built on the people you only pretend to care about?”). Do you think we’ll hear Alice Cooper’s “Poison” if Diane drinks from the chalice?

Inspector Jaz is currently investigating the situation.

Jaz, a low-key resident of the castle, has gained the nicknames “Jaz-atha Christie” and “Jaz-ica Fletcher” from social media scammers. As an account manager from Manchester, he has become the biggest threat to Paul’s reign of terror. Despite being the only remaining Faithful member to vote for Paul’s banishment, Jaz is convinced that everyone else is falling for Paul’s manipulations. He also questioned Paul’s overconfidence and was doubtful about his time in the dungeon. In a clever move to protect himself, Jaz informed Harry that if he were to be killed, it would prove Paul’s treachery as a Traitor.

Paul has admitted that Jaz is the sole person who has figured out his true intentions. In response, Paul has casted two votes against Jaz. It appears that the two are engaged in a personal feud. Although Jaz agreed to a ceasefire, it was evident that he did not truly mean it. He is waiting for the right moment, but his focus remains on taking down the skilled assassin, Paul. In episode six, Jaz emotionally revealed the shocking truth about his father’s double life and hidden second family. His genuine honesty gained the trust of those around him. When Jaz accuses Paul again, will his fellow members of the Faithfuls support him?

“Merchandise? Let’s raise our glasses to that.”

There are various items such as cloaks, mugs, totes, tees, water bottles, and board games that can be purchased. However, are you also interested in the glass goblets from Round Tables? I am open to discussing potential business collaborations and crossover opportunities with the BBC executives and Dragons’ Den.

Ignore the advertisement for the newsletter.

Claudia’s nails protruded from her fingers.

Host Claudia Winkleman certainly becomes emotionally invested and it’s been fun to watch her increasing exasperation with the Round Table decision-making: “Faithful, you are doing the Traitors’ work for them”, “Well done, you’ve just banished one of your own”, “The Traitors are laughing”.

The most impressive moment was when she delivered a tough but just breakfast speech following Tracey’s death: “You have lost seven loyal members and apprehended one traitor. I would consider that quite embarrassing. Stop stressing about insignificant matters and focus on paying attention.” Brutal.

Negligent use of chalk can result in fatal consequences.

Am I the only one who is bothered by the inconsistent spelling of names on banishment vote slates? We’ve noticed Sonia/Sonja/Sonya, Jaz/Jazz, Johnny/Jonny, Dianne/Diane, and Antony/Anthony.

Don’t even get me started on Round Tablers who dramatically reveal their votes, then have to flip their slate because it’s upside down. You had one job, people!

10. The ones we have lost

In the first week of the competition, we said goodbye to only three contestants. However, as the competition intensifies, more and more contestants are leaving. In addition to Brian the Sheep, who was sent away, six more contestants have departed – Traitor outcast Ash, ex-military man Jonny, chess coach Anthony, illustrator Meg, and clairvoyant Tracey. Surprisingly, both Meg and Tracey were eliminated. It seems they didn’t foresee that happening.

Scores on the castle doors

Harry has successfully reached the highest point of the turret, despite any arrogant thoughts Paul may have had.

Jaz, Zack, and Jasmine are proving to be the top detectives in the group.

This week’s quote from Harry may make some viewers feel old: “Mollie and I are the youngest members of the group. We’re both carefree and lively, you know? Not that everyone else is old, but they have spouses and things.” Spouses and things!

The Winkleman wardrobe watch observed that the coats and boots were well-chosen, but the standout piece was the knitwear, particularly the Fair Isle jumper inspired by Sarah Lund.

The total amount of money up for grabs is currently at £49,550, which is a good portion of the potential £61,000 after six missions.

Number of casualties: The Traitors have only suffered the loss of Ash from their initial group of four cloaked members. Meanwhile, the Faithfuls have lost a significant eight members, leaving them with only 10 remaining. With the decreasing population in the castle, will it become more difficult for the Traitors to conceal themselves?

Can you tell us if you will participate in Dry January or Di January? Share your thoughts in the comments and join us next Wednesday to review all the events of week three. Until then, stay committed.

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