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Palm Royale: A star-studded, beach club bitchfest with Ricky Martin as an evil waiter
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Palm Royale: A star-studded, beach club bitchfest with Ricky Martin as an evil waiter


It has been a while since anyone has mentioned it, but there is currently a proliferation of streaming platforms. I realize it may seem like a joke from 2022, but it is indeed true. What’s interesting is that these platforms are starting to differentiate themselves from one another and move away from just copying Netflix. Prime Video, for example, has found success with its original content such as The Boys, and also offers live sports and Freevee programming. Disney+ has a strong focus on Marvel and Star Wars, but also has a variety of big-budget prequel series and a vast library of comedy content to play in the background. Even Paramount+ has its popular show Yellowstone and other noteworthy options. It always amazes me where I can find certain shows (like 30 Rock currently on ITVX) and where I can’t find anything else (for example, I’m always looking for an old BBC show on BritBox). 3rd Rock from the Sun is available on Channel 4 (previously known as All4). All of these streaming platforms seem to have something unique to offer.

What is the plan for Apple TV+? It has been challenging to understand their approach. There have been a few successful shows, such as Ted Lasso, which convinced people to transition from a free trial to a paid subscription. Slow Horses, Severance, and Foundation have also been attracting viewers. It has become evident that Apple’s main strategy is to give well-known actors an executive producer credit and creative freedom, and hope for the best outcomes. This is how we have shows like Mythic Quest starring Rob McElhenney, Platonic featuring Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan, Loot with Maya Rudolph, and Mr Corman, a 10-episode series created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. There’s also Shrinking with Harrison Ford, but let’s not talk about that. It’s best not to mention the possibility of a second season of Idris Elba’s Hijack.

Next on the list is Kristen Wiig with Palm Royale (starting March 20th), and brace yourselves for this star-studded cast: Allison Janney, Laura Dern, Carol Burnett, Kaia Gerber, Leslie Bibb, and Ricky Martin. Set in 1969, Wiig portrays Maxine Simmons, a boldly dressed outsider determined to break into the elite Palm Beach resort club. She will stop at nothing – from climbing walls to spreading rumors and deceiving others – to achieve her goal. She faces challenges from Evelyn (played by Janney) and Dinah (played by Bibb) fighting for the title of Queen Bee of the resort, financial struggles, a not-so-nice waiter in Ricky Martin, the presence of “Richard Nixon,” and Laura Dern’s character wearing a floppy hat as a hippie feminist.

Some recent shows I disliked but others enjoyed include Bridgerton, with its society drama where people who dislike each other still engage in conversation, and Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood, which settles for mediocrity in a sunny setting. Similar elements can be found in Desperate Housewives, which features both desperation and housewives. The show boasts Janney and Wiig as two highly skilled actresses with a talent for tight-smiling. Wiig, especially, channels her successful performance in Bridesmaids to create cringeworthy social interactions, where the rudeness of others or our own embarrassing behavior may go unnoticed. Watching these two flare their eyes at each other is highly entertaining, like observing apex predators by a pool. It seems that the writers considered making a “Mad Men with women” type of show, but that message didn’t make it to the costume department. While there are some enjoyable aspects to the show, there is also a lot going on.

I have given up attempting to determine which shows on Apple TV+ will be well received by this group. The number of individuals who have approached me in person and expressed their enjoyment of shows such as “Hijack” and “Shrinking” is overwhelming. Even the show “The Essex Serpent,” starring Tom Hiddleston, received positive feedback from some. It seems that Apple’s TV production strategy is effective. As for Pete Davidson’s use of his $20 million budget and unrestricted creative control, that is a decision for you and him to make.

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