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"One of the most talented actors in the world left the Golden Globes ceremony without any awards!" All the surprises from the Golden Globes.
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“One of the most talented actors in the world left the Golden Globes ceremony without any awards!” All the surprises from the Golden Globes.


The biggest lesson from the recent Golden Globes is that the Guardian’s predictions were correct. Just a short while ago, we named The Bear as our top show for 2023, and it went on to win multiple Golden Globes, including best TV series (musical or comedy), best actress in a TV series (musical or comedy), and best actor in a TV series.

In the meantime, our second highest ranked show, Succession, dominated the drama category by winning best television series, best female actor, best male actor, and best male actor in a supporting role. Additionally, our fourth ranked show, Beef, received numerous awards in the limited series categories. These results serve as a reminder that challenging us can have consequences.

The next situation, which is more complex, is that I am in a difficult position. This is meant to be a commentary on the unexpected winners and disappointments, but it’s challenging to write when all of your predicted Golden Globe winners actually end up winning.

The beating heart of the whole enterprise … Ebon Moss-Bachrach in The Bear.

Nearly there. However, achieving this does require supporting the winners. All three accolades earned by The Bear were truly deserving, but the last season’s success can be attributed to one individual. Despite initially being portrayed as the brawny aggressor in The Bear’s first season, Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s portrayal of Richie became the emotional center of the entire show in its second season. No other character on television underwent such a profound transformation as Richie, and no moment was as heartwarmingly exhilarating as that in the episode “Forks” where he speeds in his car, holding back tears while singing along to Taylor Swift, finally finding his long-lost sense of purpose.

Moss-Bachrach is one of the greatest actors on Earth, and this year he was finally given the storyline of a lifetime. He was beaten by Matthew Macfadyen, who in many ways was a deserving winner, but his performance crackled with so much electricity that it was incredibly sad to see him leave empty-handed.

Natasha Lyonne was also deserving of recognition for her role in Poker Face. However, Ayo Edebiri rightfully received the Golden Globe for her outstanding performance in The Bear. Lyonne’s portrayal in Poker Face was impressive as she carried the weight of the show and had to create a sense of cohesion between episodes. She embodied her character so well that it seemed like a natural fit for her. While it is not expected for every nominee to receive an award, this year’s television has been exceptional and perhaps an exception should have been made.

Natasha Lyonne as Charlie in Poker Face.

There is one show that did deserve some recognition. Fargo left without a single award last night and it deserved more. Part of the reason for this, I think, is that it is a continuing concern – there are still two more episodes to go in the current season, which means that a lot of voters (and I) hadn’t seen it when we were making our choices.

Unfortunately, this is disappointing because it has been one of the most impactful and streamlined versions of the TV series Fargo. The plot, centered around domestic violence, has caused the show to let go of its tendency to be overly exaggerated about everything, resulting in a much more powerful impact. Additionally, Jon Hamm’s performance as a sheriff who becomes increasingly darker in each episode has been outstanding. His character is a villain for the ages and it showcases the best of Hamm’s acting since his role in Mad Men. Juno Temple has also delivered an incredible performance. While Beef (which is fantastic! It was my favorite show of the year) won in all categories, I was really hoping that Fargo would also receive recognition.

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A villain for the ages … Jon Hamm in Fargo.

This article may cause some disappointment as it deviates from the traditional format of recognizing snubs and surprises. While I believe all the winners deserved their awards, I also feel that many of the other nominees were equally deserving. If the upcoming year brings as much outstanding television as the previous year, we should suggest to the Golden Globes that they use a T-shirt cannon to distribute a multitude of awards to all deserving recipients.

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