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Napoleon to Damsel: the seven best films to watch on TV this week
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Napoleon to Damsel: the seven best films to watch on TV this week

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When Ridley Scott’s film, Napoleon, was first shown in theaters, it gained attention for the director’s bold approach to historical accuracy, dismissing critics who were not present during the time. However, now that it is available for home viewing, we have the opportunity to judge Napoleon for its own strengths. And there are many – it boasts grand and sweeping scenes, and its comedic elements are more amusing than most comedies, largely due to Joaquin Phoenix’s outrageous performance. The standout, though, is Vanessa Kirby, who gives an impressive portrayal of Josephine. She is truly a delight to watch.
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Millie Bobby Brown in Damsel.View image in fullscreen

The movie Damsel has a built-in fan base and will likely be a hit. It is a dark fantasy about a princess who marries a prince and is thrown into a dragon’s cave, starring Millie Bobby Brown. This will undoubtedly appeal to those who enjoy writing Labyrinth fan fiction on Tumblr. The film features elegant attire, royal accessories, and ominous gold masks, as well as intense scenes where the Stranger Things star wields a large sword against a dragon. I am confident that, regardless of its quality, this movie will be enormously successful.
Friday 8 March, Netflix

Mavka: The Forest Song

Mavka - The Mavka: The Forest Song.View image in fullscreen

Last year, a movie titled Mavka: The Forest Song became the top-grossing animation in the history of independent Ukraine, based on the 1918 play The Forest Song by Lesya Ukrainka, a writer and activist. This movie not only features breathtaking visuals, combining Pixar-style characters with stunning landscapes, but also tells a timely story about a forest sprite fighting off invaders by tapping into a sense of anger. The addition of a beautiful soundtrack by folk group DakhaBrakha makes it an exceptional piece of work.

On Saturday, March 2nd at 11am, the movie premiere on Sky will take place.

On the 2nd of March, which falls on a Saturday, the premiere of a movie on Sky will occur at 11am.

True Things

Ruth Wilson in True Things.

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Until recently, there were no erotic thrillers set in Ramsgate, which is unfortunate given how enjoyable they are. However, True Things changes this as it follows the story of Ruth Wilson, an unfulfilled employee at a local benefits office, who becomes infatuated with the enigmatic Tom Burke. As their encounters continue, Wilson’s fascination turns into an unhealthy obsession, causing her to unravel. Despite the oddity of seeing Wilson, who radiates movie star charisma, attempting to portray a regular person (she remains glamorous even while eating a mundane supermarket sandwich), this film delves into the dangerous aspects of female desire.

On Sunday, March 3rd at 10:45pm, tune in to BBC Two.

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“Children of Other People”

“Kids from Different Parents”

Virginie Efira in Other People’s Children.View image in fullscreen

This movie is absolutely charming. Rebecca Zlotowski crafts a heartfelt and complex romantic comedy between a four-year-old girl and her possible stepmother. Virginie Efira portrays Rachel, a woman who knows she may not be able to conceive. She falls in love with a man who has a daughter and attempts to become a part of the girl’s life, even though her mother is always in the picture. It is a delightful yet heartbreaking story that speaks volumes about the uncertainties of being a step-parent. The bittersweet ending is truly memorable.

On the evening of Tuesday, March 5th at 11:10pm, Film4 will be broadcasting.

Lady Bird

Saoirse Ronan and Beanie Feldstein in Lady Bird.

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While there is a lot of debate about how deserving Greta Gerwig was for an Oscar for her work on Barbie, we now have the opportunity to revisit her initial experience as a solo director. In Lady Bird, Saoirse Ronan plays a determined high school student who is about to embark on her journey to college, leaving behind her hometown. This lively and thought-provoking film is filled with discussions and features one of the most comically impressive supporting casts in recent history. The performances by Laurie Metcalfe, Tracy Letts, and Timothée Chalamet are exceptional.
Wednesday 6 March, 12:25am, BBC One


Jason Statham in War.

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Sky Cinema is launching a brand new channel, named Sky Cinema Statham, on Friday. The channel will exclusively feature the works of Jason Statham, an intense and rugged action star. The opening night lineup includes Mean Machine, Revolver by Guy Ritchie, and Fast & Furious 8. However, one film to pay particular attention to is War, a high-octane action movie that sees Statham facing off against Jet Li. While it may not be considered the best film ever made, it promises to be an enjoyable show to watch on a Friday midnight. So, be sure to tune in and support Sky Cinema Statham to ensure its continued success.
Friday 8 March, 11:55pm, Sky Cinema Statham

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