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Medieval LOLs to Miss Me? Your favourite podcasts of 2024 so far
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Medieval LOLs to Miss Me? Your favourite podcasts of 2024 so far

Miquita Oliver and Lily Allen’s Miss Me?

I can’t get enough of Miquita Oliver and Lily Allen’s Miss Me podcast. There are two episodes a week: one where they have a chat and the other, called Listen Bitch, where they answer listeners’ questions on a topic chosen the previous week. Miquita and Lily have known each other since they were small and this enduring friendship shines through. They are sometimes a bit snappy with each other, which makes it all the more endearing. They’re both naturally hilarious, cheeky and irreverent, as well as sharply intelligent. Rachel Mountney, Dublin, Ireland

Medieval LOLs

The best I’ve listened to so far is the Medieval LOLs podcast from the London Review of Books. As well as the main feed discussing a review in the issue, they have several spin-offs including Medieval LOLs, which explores “whether the Middle Ages was funny” (spoiler: it really was). The presenters are both very well informed, charismatic and perfectly happy to jump from the academic to the obscene if the text requires it – often with relish. It does an excellent job of drawing one into a subject that on the face of it looks far less engaging than it is. Joe Scott, Leeds


Emily Harding.View image in fullscreen

There aren’t a lot of contemporary art podcasts out there, or art podcasts that work well for a wide audience. Exhibitionistas is hosted by an art curator, Joana P R Neves, and an art lover, Emily Harding. This allows for both sides to coexist in the contemporary art space which can sometimes feel inaccessible. It also allows people from different countries or with different abilities, mental health issues or simply people who feel intimidated to go to an exhibition, to enjoy exhibitions by an array of artists from their own home. It is a wonderful, thought-provoking podcast with lovely hosts who encourage me to go out there and visit more exhibitions when I can. Constança Saturnino, London

Cocaine Inc

Cocaine Inc is my favourite podcast because it gives me an insight into a world that I was not aware of. It tells stories that do not initially seem related to cocaine but, somewhat unbelievably, are. Elena, Milan, Italy

The Rest Is Entertainment

Richard Osman and Marina Hyde on The Rest Is Entertainment.View image in fullscreen

Marina Hyde is bad cop to Richard Osman’s good cop. Both the main edition and the questions and answers edition are funny, insightful and full of showbiz gossip. I did consult lawyers over Starsky and Hutch not making their greatest TV theme tunes lists. Simon Q Elliott, London


The New York Times podcast Animal comprises six episodes in which the journalist Sam Anderson shares his deep connection (both love and fear) with baby puffins in Iceland, manatees in Florida, bats in Mexico and a childhood dream to own a ferret. It is such a welcome distraction from all the current discord in the news, focusing instead on living harmoniously with other creatures and the comforts they can bring. Lucy Phillips, Cotswolds

Black Box

The news about generative AI has been overwhelming, confusing and either extremely positive or extremely negative. Black Box explained this abstract thing very well with human stories and brought it “down to earth”. These angles seemed completely absent in many other news sources. Karthik Muthuswamy, Stockholm, Sweden

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Prosecuting Donald Trump

This podcast provides an understanding of the intersection of law, politics, corruption, application of the law by equal government entities, the vicissitude of prosecuting the most corrupt president in US history, and the infiltration of US politics by transnational criminal organisations and their nation states. Ray, Thailand

The Factory Next Door

My favourite podcast so far this year is The Factory Next Door. It has such a wide and diverse selection of topics, all linked by the fact they are made in the UK – from the fabric makers of the London Underground to bike makers and brewers and, my favourite, the makers of Airfix models. The presenter Steven Duke seems truly engaged when talking to the individuals who themselves are passionate about their product. Thoughtful and warm, this podcast truly shows some of the amazing things Britain produces. Mark warren, Potters Bar


Ultra, by Rachel Maddow, is a searing, rigorous, riveting historical investigation of a thwarted extremist coup in the US, decades prior to the recent one. Beautifully researched and produced. Anonymous, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

We’re Not Kidding With Mehdi & Friends

Mehdi Hasan’s media organisation Zeteo features contributors familiar to the Guardian readership, such as Owen Jones, Naomi Klein and many others. It has good, honest, detailed, informed news, with great interviews and even an entertaining comedy section. Well worth subscribing to. My favourite podcast has been their flagship show We’re Not Kidding with Medhi & Friends. It’s amusing and terrifying at the same time. Mahmood Dewshi, New Malden

Source: theguardian.com