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Keanu Reeves and China Miéville are teaming up to publish a joint novel titled The Book of Elsewhere.

Keanu Reeves and China Miéville are teaming up to publish a joint novel titled The Book of Elsewhere.

Keanu Reeves, a Canadian actor, will release his debut novel this year in partnership with British writer China Miéville.

The collaborative book they wrote together is called The Book of Elsewhere and takes place in the universe of the BRZRKR comic book series, which was originally released in 2021 by Reeves. It chronicles the never-ending quest of an indestructible fighter to comprehend his everlasting life.

The book is set to release on July 23rd through Penguin. Reeves, famous for his performances in The Matrix and John Wick series, expressed his excitement in working with Miéville, stating that it was an “amazing” experience. According to Reeves, Miéville had a well-defined plan for the story and how it would interact with the world of BRZRKR, a world that he personally adores. He was impressed with Miéville’s vision and feels privileged to be a part of the collaborative process.

The author Miéville has written several novels, such as The City & The City, Embassytown, and Perdido Street Station. He holds the record for being the only writer to win the Arthur C Clarke award for science fiction three times.

“Sometimes the greatest games are those you play with other people’s toys,” said Miéville on the collaboration. “It was an honour, a shock and a delight when Keanu invited me to play. But I could never have predicted how generous he’d be with toys he’s spent so long creating,” he added.

After being released, BRZRKR, which was made by writer Matt Kindt and artist Ron Garney, broke records as the most successful debut of an original comic book series in over 25 years. It will also be made into a live-action movie on Netflix featuring Reeves and an anime series.

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The artwork for The Book of Elsewhere by Keanu Reeves and China Miéville.

“Keanu Reeves and China Miéville are a dream writing partnership,” said Ben Brusey, publishing director at Del Rey, the Penguin imprint publishing the novel in the UK. “Both are master storytellers who have thrilled, surprised and won the hearts and minds of audiences and readers for decades.

He stated that “The Book of Elsewhere” is an exceptional work of science fiction, with a captivating concept, intriguing characters, and a unique plot that seamlessly combines action, drama, and existentialism. This masterful piece will surely leave readers both touched and astounded.

  • Keanu Reeves and China Miéville’s book, The Book of Elsewhere, will be released on July 23rd by Penguin at a price of £22. To help the Guardian and Observer, you can reserve your copy in advance at guardianbookshop.com. Additional fees may be applied for delivery.

Source: theguardian.com