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Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and Lisa Kudrow express their admiration for Matthew Perry.

Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and Lisa Kudrow have shared heartfelt messages in honor of their former Friends castmate, Matthew Perry. This comes just a day after Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc also paid tribute to him.

Aniston’s Instagram post, uploaded on Wednesday, featured a photo of two young actors, a conversation between them, and a clip of their characters, Chandler Bing and Rachel Green, bidding farewell in the series finale. Aniston’s caption expressed how deeply affected she was by the goodbye to their co-star, Matt LeBlanc. She acknowledged that loss is a universal experience, whether it’s losing someone through death or the end of a relationship. She also emphasized the importance of allowing oneself to fully feel grief, as it allows for moments of appreciation and thankfulness for the depth of love shared with that person.

She expressed that they had strong affection for him and he was an integral part of their identity. They were always a group of six, a chosen family that had a lasting impact on their lives and direction. Matty was aware of his love for bringing joy to others, as he believed his life depended on it. He succeeded in making them all laugh, and they did so wholeheartedly.

still from Friends

Perry, known for his ability to make fun of himself and deliver sharp sarcasm as Chandler, was a key contributor to the humor of the popular sitcom. On October 28, Perry passed away at the age of 54. The cause of his death is currently being investigated and toxicology reports are pending.

Aniston shared an instance where Perry unexpectedly sent her a message expressing how her laughter brightened his day.

“I have so much love for you, Matty. I am comforted knowing that you are at peace and no longer in pain,” she expressed. “I talk to you every day…sometimes I can almost hear you saying ‘could you possibly be any more crazy?’ Rest easy, little brother. You always brightened my day.”

Schwimmer, who played Chandler’s friend and former roommate Ross, also posted a picture of the two actors in character. “Matty, Thank you for ten incredible years of laughter and creativity,” he wrote. “I will never forget your impeccable comic timing and delivery. You could take a straight line of dialogue and bend it to your will, resulting in something so entirely original and unexpectedly funny it still astonishes. And you had heart. Which you were generous with, and shared with us, so we could create a family out of six strangers.”

The photo of the two characters, mugging in suit jackets, “is from one of my favorite moments with you. Now it makes me smile and grieve at the same time.

“I can picture you up there, in your white suit with your hands in your pockets, looking around and joking ‘Are there even more clouds?'” he joked, referring to one of Perry’s iconic lines.

In her Instagram post, Kudrow expressed her gratitude for the early days of filming Friends. She recalled shooting the pilot, titled “Friends Like Us,” and getting picked up by NBC. She also remembered the NBC Upfronts event and how playing poker together was a memorable bonding experience suggested by someone. She thanked them for making it enjoyable.

Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry at the premier of Fools Rush In on 10 February 1997.

“Kudrow, who portrayed Phoebe, expressed her gratitude for the constant laughter and physical strain caused by your words every day. She also thanked you for your vulnerability in navigating a six-person relationship, which involved a lot of communication and compromise.”

She also mentioned Perry’s past struggles with addiction, expressing gratitude for his dedication and talent despite not always feeling well. She thanked him for the amazing 10 years they had together and for trusting her.

“I am grateful for the lessons on GRACE and LOVE that I have gained from knowing you,” she concluded. “Thank you, Matthew, for the time we have spent together.”

Aniston, Schwimmer and Kudrow paid tribute after receiving messages from their co-stars LeBlanc and Cox, who portrayed Joey, Chandler’s roommate, and Monica, his love interest. LeBlanc expressed his sadness in saying farewell to Matthew and shared that their time together was some of the most cherished moments of his life. He also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside him and considered him a dear friend. He will always remember Matthew with fondness and will never forget him. He wished Matthew to spread his wings and fly, as he is now free.

“Sending lots of love. And it looks like you’re holding onto the 20 dollars you owe me.”

Cox expressed her gratitude for the moments she shared with Perry in a recent post. She also shared a clip from their popular show, which aired for 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004. She added that working closely with Perry created countless cherished memories, and she wishes she could share them all. However, for now, she shared one of her favorite moments.

Following the passing of Perry, the entire group of six actors from the television show came together to release a statement expressing their deep sorrow. They were not simply colleagues, but a close-knit family. While there are many words to be said, they are currently taking time to mourn and come to terms with this unimaginable loss. They plan to share more in the future when they are ready. For now, their hearts and support go out to Perry’s loved ones, friends, and fans worldwide.

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