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Is this the most chaotic month ever in Ambridge's history, according to Charlotte Higgins' take on The Archers?
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Is this the most chaotic month ever in Ambridge’s history, according to Charlotte Higgins’ take on The Archers?


At times, The Archers can be ordinary and comforting, like the tall nettles that grow over the rusty plough in the poem by Edward Thomas. This is the same poem that Emma Grundy studied in her literature class.

This month has been eventful. Jolene, the owner of the Bull, is being threatened by the leader of a violent gang from the Black Country. This is due to an incident where a member of the gang’s American XL bully dog attacked Kenton, Jolene’s husband, in the pub parking lot. Kenton, who is currently on crutches, left the hospital early and is now staying in the Snells’ B&B room, which was previously undisclosed. Alistair, a veterinarian, is in love with Denise, a fellow veterinarian, and has shared his feelings with Jazzer. However, Denise is married to someone else and her son, Paul, also works at the practice. Despite this, Paul seems unaware of his parents’ troubled marriage. Even Peggy Woolley’s former cat, Hilda, faced an uncertain fate this month. After causing a safety crisis at Bridge Farm dairy, there were concerns that she may be killed or put on trial. As Tony Archer described her, she seemed more like a demon in the form of a cat.

Excitingly, Alice Carter’s apparently perfect boyfriend, who sounds like Rory Stewart, named Harry, has turned out to be anything but. He has chaotic tendencies, struggles with alcohol, and is manipulative. Things reached a low point when Harrison, a kind local police officer, was called to deal with a man causing trouble outside a club. Listeners of The Archers were treated to the surprising sound of Harry, who was drunk at the time, urinating. He then casually greeted Harrison, mistakenly calling him “Morris” or “Morrisons,” causing many across Britain to think of him as a posh idiot.

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Brad and Mia, who had a brief rift due to his understandable hesitance to participate in her fashion show, have reconciled and declared their love this month. Their love is said to be unlike any other in the history of Ambridge, and was inspired by Tarkovsky’s films. As Alice wisely stated, the truth is of utmost importance at this time.

Source: theguardian.com