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Is it appropriate for the documentary about Andrew Tate to be airing on TV tonight?
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Is it appropriate for the documentary about Andrew Tate to be airing on TV tonight?

My name is Andrew Tate.

Sunday, 9pm, Channel 4

Some argue that Andrew Tate, known as the “king of masculinity,” should not receive any more attention due to his toxic behavior. However, the documentary directed by Marguerite Gaudin and executive produced by Dan Reed, who previously worked on Leaving Neverland, aims to shed light on Tate’s rise to fame and his controversial actions. Despite facing serious charges such as rape and human trafficking, Tate denies any wrongdoing. Through unreleased footage and interviews with fans, alleged victims, and Tate himself, the documentary seeks to uncover the truth behind Tate’s notoriety.

Call the Midwife

8pm, BBC One

Spring has arrived and Nonnatus House is launching a fresh program to train midwives. This will bring a spirited group of young women to Poplar, adding more excitement to the town. Rosalind Clifford (played by Natalie Quarry) may have some grand ideas but she has a kind heart, and Joyce (played by Renee Bailey) is a standout student from the West Indies. As they handle their first births, the rest of the community is getting ready for the annual Easter pram parade.

The Great Pottery Throw Down

7.45pm, Channel 4

Siobhán McSweeney from “Derry Girls” will be back at Stoke’s Gladstone Pottery Museum to host a competition between 12 of Britain’s top home potters. Their first task is to create a roast dinner set based on a cherished family memory, guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes. Judge Keith Brymer Jones is known for getting emotional during these challenges. Ellen E Jones


8pm, ITV1

Can you find any similarities between George Michael and Brenda Blethyn? This week’s mystery is titled “Fast Love” and is the first episode of the 13th series of a crime drama based on Ann Cleeves’ novels. DCI Vera Stanhope (played by Blethyn) looks into a suspected hit-and-run of a well-liked street vendor and discovers hidden truths and deceit.

The Tourist

9pm, BBC One

“Can you please stop being vague and just give me an answer?” In the second season of this darkly humorous crime series, Elliot, who is suffering from amnesia (played by Jamie Dornan), has been facing tense confrontations with his enemies since returning to Ireland. However, his girlfriend Helen (played by Danielle Macdonald) also has a complicated history, as her ex appears just as she disappears. By Graeme Virtue.


9pm, BBC Two

The long-standing armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo has had a significant impact on the population of eastern lowland gorillas. Is the solution to “habituate” the endangered animals, meaning to establish prolonged contact so they are no longer afraid of humans? Wildlife cameraman Vianet Djenguet presents a contemplative documentary. Jack Seale

Film choice

The movie “Sound of Metal” will be airing at 10:30pm on BBC Two.

Riz Ahmed in Sound of Metal on BBC Two.

Can a person who is deaf be considered disabled? This is the question that rock drummer Ruben, who is also in recovery for addiction, must confront in Darius Marder’s thought-provoking film. After suddenly losing his hearing while on tour, Ruben is convinced by his partner and bandmate Lou to stay at a deaf community in a rural area in search of answers. There, with the guidance of the patient leader Joe, he begins to see a potential future for himself. However, with the option of cochlear implant surgery offering the possibility of regaining some hearing, Ruben struggles with his life-changing diagnosis. Riz Ahmed delivers a captivating performance as he portrays his character’s difficult journey in a story that revolves around the concept of sound and its absence.

While We Watched, 12.30am, Channel 4

During an Indian election year, Vinay Shukla’s powerful documentary serves as a stark reminder of the decline in democratic rights under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. The film focuses on Ravish Kumar, a seasoned journalist for independent news channel NDTV. Despite his efforts to combat the spread of nationalist propaganda in the media, Kumar is labeled a “traitor” and faces death threats. Additionally, financial struggles within the network hinder his ability to fulfill his duties. This thought-provoking film is both unsettling and infuriating, prompting reflection on the state of political discourse in the UK. SW

Live sport

The Women’s Premiership Rugby match between Exeter Chiefs and Ealing Trailfinders will be shown on TNT Sports 1 at 12:15pm, live from Sandy Park.

At 1pm on BBC Two, the Snooker Masters will feature a first-round game between world champion Luca Brecel and Jack Lisowski at Alexandra Palace in London.

English Football Association Cup: Arsenal versus Liverpool, four o’clock in the afternoon, broadcasting on BBC One. A match between the two teams in the third round at the Emirates Stadium.

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