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"I was under the influence, clearly": the unconventional methods in which celebrities achieved their major success.
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“I was under the influence, clearly”: the unconventional methods in which celebrities achieved their major success.


A recent story about Pedro Pascal has resurfaced, detailing how he landed his breakthrough role on Game of Thrones. In summary, he obtained it through deceit. The full story reveals that Pascal had started mentoring aspiring actors when his own career hit a bump. One of his mentees shared that they were trying out for the part of Oberyn Martell on the popular fantasy series and sought Pascal’s guidance to secure the role.

In 2016, during an appearance on the US talk show hosted by Seth Meyers, Pascal mentioned that he didn’t think the young actor was suitable for the role. He described the actor as a 25-year-old, extremely talented, and attractive, but admitted that he had never seen the show before. Pascal felt he could do better and waited for the actor to leave before recording his own audition. He then confided in his friend Sarah Paulson about his actions. Paulson, who knows Amanda Peet, the wife of one of the show’s producers, ensured that the audition was seen by the right people, leading to the actor’s successful casting and making TV history.

This story has a strong resemblance to Game of Thrones, with themes of desperation, deceit, and favoritism. However, there is a lesson for aspiring actors – opportunities can arise unexpectedly, even if it means betraying those you know and using connections with famous individuals for your own benefit. Pascal’s journey to stardom is not the only example of an actor taking an unconventional route to success.

Mel Gibson in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, 1981.

Mel Gibson had a comparable, though not as cunning, experience. During the casting of the initial Mad Max movie, it is said that one of Gibson’s friends wanted to try out for the main role. Gibson agreed to drive him to the audition, but when the casting director saw Gibson’s beaten and bruised appearance from a bar fight the previous night, they offered him the role instead.

Some people have become successful in the entertainment industry through unexpected encounters with influential individuals. After aimlessly wandering around for some time, Chris Pratt was working at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Hawaii and living in a van. In the late 1990s, actress Rae Dawn Chong visited the restaurant while scouting locations for a film she was directing. She recognized Pratt and asked if he acted, to which he confidently responded yes. Impressed by his enthusiasm, she gave him a chance and cast him in her film.

Charlie Hunnam’s path to fame is similar to that of many other actors. He had a small role in the BBC children’s drama Byker Grove before landing major roles in popular shows and movies such as Queer as Folk, Sons of Anarchy, King Arthur, and Pacific Rim. In his first role, he played Jason, a character who was known for his love of finger buffets. Interestingly, Hunnam got the role by chance when he was drunk in a shoe shop on Christmas Eve. During an interview with Graham Norton in 2017, he shared how a woman who happened to be the production manager of Byker Grove saw him dancing and blowing a kiss to her. She was impressed and invited him to audition for a part, which he ended up getting.

Bryan Cranston in series one of the TV drama Your Honor, 2020.

Each of these anecdotes, including Pascal’s, share a common thread. Someone recognized potential in these performers and gave them an opportunity. However, sometimes it is necessary to put in the effort and dedicate hours to even the smallest roles in hopes of it leading to something greater. This is what sets Bryan Cranston apart.

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Cranston is an exceptional actor, known for his ability to excel in both serious and comedic roles. However, before gaining widespread recognition through his roles in Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad, Cranston starred in numerous commercials. These commercials ranged from promoting Mars bars and cotton shirts to dancing with salad dressing and discussing the risks of haemorrhoidal inflammation while wearing glasses. Despite the small nature of these roles, Cranston fully committed and showed glimpses of his potential as arguably the world’s greatest actor.

The true message is to give your all in everything you do if you desire something. If that is not possible, try getting drunk at a shoe store and flirting with unknown individuals. That also appears to be effective.

Source: theguardian.com