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Grace Dent expresses deep sadness in having to depart from I’m a Celebrity.

Grace Dent informed her co-participants that she was departing from the show “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” due to medical reasons, stating that her heart was broken.

The restaurant critic for The Guardian was photographed at Brisbane airport shortly after ITV revealed that she would be departing the reality TV show earlier than expected. In a statement, Dent expressed her regret to her fellow camp mates and explained that she had to leave for medical reasons. She also shared her sadness at having to leave behind the bonds and experiences she had formed with them.

“You have been a constant support and it has been a joy to be your friend throughout this journey. Saying goodbye to all of you at this point will be one of the most heart-wrenching moments of my life. I care deeply for each and every one of you. Sincerely, Miss Grace Dent.”

The contestants at the camp exchanged words of encouragement. Danielle Harold, visibly emotional, called out: “I love you, Grace,” while the EastEnders actor commended her for her impressive performance. Marvin Humes from JLS expressed his sadness at Dent leaving, stating: “She has not disappointed us.”

Previously, a statement from a spokesperson for the show expressed that the individual was a fantastic contestant and will be missed by both their fellow celebrities and the audience.

At the beginning of Monday’s episode, Ant McPartlin, one of the show’s presenters, announced: “Regrettably, Grace Dent has departed from the camp due to medical reasons. However, she is doing well and we are all sending her our well wishes.”

Dent confided in her fellow competitors about her difficulties adjusting to life in the jungle. Last week, she shared with Big Brother champion Josie Gibson, “I’ve reached my limit. I’m completely fed up and just want to go back home.”

In a later video diary, she noted, “I’m feeling drained at the moment. I’m putting on a brave front for everyone.”

In the recent trial known as the “touchdown of terror,” Nella Rose, a YouTuber, and Sam Thompson, a reality TV star, represented the home team while facing off against Dent and Nigel Farage, the former leader of Ukip, who represented the away team.

In an effort to earn nourishment for their individual teams, Rose and Dent were tasked with retrieving footballs from a container filled with insects and tossing them to their fellow teammate while wearing a helmet typically used in American football, but filled with creatures from the jungle.

After adding more animals to her helmet, Rose activated her emergency cord to terminate her participation in the trial, resulting in the away team being declared the default winner.

During the trial, Dent had to be treated by a medic when a cockroach entered her ear. She exclaimed, “There’s one in my ear! That’s not pleasant, I can hear it.” The insect was removed from her ear.

On Sunday evening’s broadcast, it was revealed that Gibson and Dent were chosen to compete in the upcoming trial. According to the PA news agency, Danielle Harold from EastEnders will now join Gibson in the trial.

Prior to venturing into the jungle this year, Dent expressed his apprehension by stating, “I am filled with an overwhelming sense of dread. Particularly, I am dreading the possibility of being extremely hungry as I typically dine at high-end restaurants four to five times a week due to my profession as a restaurant critic.”

Source: theguardian.com