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From tracking down a fugitive to enjoying some delicious chicken nuggets, here are the top seven shows to watch this week.
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From tracking down a fugitive to enjoying some delicious chicken nuggets, here are the top seven shows to watch this week.

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According to a presidential aide, actor John Wilkes Booth, who would later become a killer, mostly played minor roles but was known to audiences for his daring performances. In 1865, Booth’s shocking assassination of President Abraham Lincoln at a theatre was his biggest stunt yet, as his acting abilities were overshadowed by his brother and father. Despite this, as depicted in this drama, Booth (played by Anthony Boyle) believed he would become the most famous member of his family. The story begins with the assassination itself and Booth’s escape through the stage, despite breaking his leg. Tobias Menzies portrays Edwin Stanton, the man responsible for apprehending Booth. The drama is grand and self-aware, set in a historical period and can be heavy at times, but overall, it is a riveting retelling of an incredible story.
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Apple TV+ is being released by Apple this Friday.

The Dry

From left: Siobhan Cullen, Pom Boyd, Roisin Gallagher, Ciarán Hinds and Adam Richardson in The Dry.

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The second season of this dramatic series, featuring Roisin Gallagher as a recovering alcoholic reconnecting with her family in Dublin, strikes a perfect balance between emotions and dark humor. Shiv’s journey towards sobriety has a ripple effect on her mother, Bernie, who also starts attending AA meetings (a common occurrence nowadays). However, when Bernie’s boyfriend bans alcohol from their house, it only pushes the issue underground, causing consequences for those who still struggle with alcoholism. Through an astute exploration of determination and vulnerability, the show emphasizes the importance of tackling the root causes of excessive drinking when trying to overcome it.
ITVX, from Thursday


Alfonso Dosal and Ester Expósito in Bandidos.View image in fullscreen

This Mexican heist drama has a similar feel to Indiana Jones, as a group of outsiders (as they often are) take on a expedition to recover Mayan riches from a sunken Spanish ship. When Miguel (played by Alfonso Dosal) and Lilí (played by Ester Exposito) obtain an ancient map, they form a team of treasure hunters. However, they soon discover that they are not the only ones after this coveted prize – and they are not the most well-financed or organized group either. While it may follow a predictable storyline, the pace of the story is lively and full of humor.
Netflix, from Wednesday


Gillian Jacobs voices Atom Eve and Steven Yeun voics Mark Grayson in Invincible.

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The sequel to this mature animated show picks up after a disappointing pause, as Mark wrestles with his involvement in the family enterprise. Even though his father, Omni-Man, is the strongest superhero in the world, Mark cannot count on his son’s support as he uncovers the darker elements of his father’s past. As Mark puts it, “We may save lives, but we also destroy them.” Now, another danger to the planet emerges, forcing the family to prioritize their familial obligations.
Prime Video, from Thursday

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The Bloody Hundredth

The Bloody Hundredth.View image in fullscreen

If you’re craving more details about the 100th Bomb Group’s daring actions during World War II after watching the show Masters of the Air, you’re in luck with this documentary (narrated and executive produced by Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, and Steven Spielberg). Known as the Bloody Hundredth due to their perilous missions, the unit attracted unique individuals. Fortunately, there are still surviving veterans who can share their experiences, as seen in both the drama and documentary.
to SundayApple TV+, available on Friday through Sunday.

Chicken Nugget

From left: Ryu Seung-ryong as Choi Sun-man and Ahn Jae-hong as Ko Baek-joong in Chicken Nugget.

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Some may view the concept of this South Korean comedy as absurd or absurdly comical, depending on personal preferences. However, it’s undeniable that the plot, where a woman is inexplicably transformed into a chicken nugget, is intriguing, to say the least. The story follows Min-ah’s (Kim You-jung) father and boyfriend as they embark on a mission to reverse the curse before something even worse occurs (like the nugget being consumed). The show fully embraces its nonsensical premise, immediately acknowledging its lack of logic.
Netflix, from Friday

The Outreau Trial: A French Horror

From left: Thierry Delay and Myriam Badaoui in The Outreau Case: A French Nightmare.View image in fullscreen

The new documentary series investigates a miscarriage of justice in France, which had far-reaching consequences. It initially focused on allegations of child abuse within one family in a town called Outreau. However, as the investigation progressed, more residents of the town were implicated. The French legal system struggled to uphold the rights of both the accusers and the accused, causing the case to become a pivotal test for the justice system. The series features interviews with various individuals involved in the case, as well as legal experts.
Netflix, from Friday

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