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Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery review – whimsical whodunnits


The frog detective, who is referred to as “he”, does not jump but instead moves around on his tall legs. He wears short denim shorts and a turtleneck sweater commonly seen on architects. Unlike Sherlock Holmes, he does not have a serious appearance. However, this may work in his favor as most of the animals he encounters in this whimsical mystery series do not seem bothered by his presence or questioning. They willingly provide statements, evidence, or leads, but the cases usually involve innocent misunderstandings. In this world, nobody is facing severe consequences for their actions.

Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery collates the three cases in a series from Australian studio Worm Club that debuted in 2018 and soon became a sleeper indie hit. They are mechanically simple: you’re handed a case from your supervisor in your caretaker-sized office, head to the scene, magnifying glass in hand, then work your way from animal to animal searching for clues. The charm is in the dialogue, which is wry, knowing and heavily influenced by bright internet forum-style wit and patois.

As the trilogy progresses, it becomes more complex and refined. In the initial case, the characters are too similar in their speech. However, in the second and third case, the inclusion of a notebook (which can be personalized with stickers) and means of transportation adds sophistication to the setup and execution. Your main task is to uncover the desires of each animal and provide them with the necessary item or information to move the plot forward. This game is perfect for a leisurely, rainy Sunday afternoon when you can relax and occasionally find yourself smiling.

Source: theguardian.com