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Discover the Top Seven Shows to Watch This Week: From The Enfield Poltergeist to Life on Our Planet

Selection of the week

The Enfield Poltergeist

In August of 1977, Peggy Hodgson contacted the authorities to report strange movements of furniture in her London residence. This led to a series of events that are both intriguing and puzzling, as explored in this series. It delves into the story of a troubled family, a paranormal investigator who wanted to believe, and perhaps a mischievous child. The use of actors lip-syncing to the actual recordings from investigator Maurice Grosse is effective, creating an eerie atmosphere similar to that of a haunting. It raises the question of whether we have brought about these mysterious occurrences through our own desires. This concept serves as a metaphor for the entire unusual tale.

“On Friday, October 27th, Apple TV+ will be available.”

Reworded: Existence on Our Earth

Life on Our Planet.

David Attenborough has set a high standard for natural history documentaries, making it difficult to enjoy others without his familiar and authoritative presence. This series showcases the history of billions of years and showcases extinct creatures, but at times it seems to prioritize style over substance. The narration, delivered by Morgan Freeman, can feel awkward and lacks depth in its scientific content. However, the combination of computer-generated imagery and real footage is undeniably impressive.
2017 to Thursday 26 October 2017

From October 25, 2017 to October 26, 2017, Netflix will be available.

We engage in activities during the nighttime in the movie “What We Do in the Shadows.”

From left: Chris Sandiford as Derek and Harvey Guillén as Guillermo in What We Do in the Shadows.

The adored and silly vampire comedy makes a comeback in its fifth installment. This time, the focus is on Guillermo. In the previous season, he requested Derek to turn him into a vampire. Now, the consequences of this transformation are revealed. As always, things don’t go exactly as planned for this perpetually unlucky character. The standout aspect of the series remains the talented cast: Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, and Kayvan Novak deliver irresistible performances while Harvey Guillén as Guillermo and Mark Proksch as the hilariously dull “energy vampire” Colin also shine in their roles.
will be available in United States

Disney+ will launch in the United States starting on Wednesday, October 25th.

Reworded: “Capturing the Ultimate Fraudster: The Story of Mrs. Jordan”

Mary Turner Thomson with William Allen Jordan.

As an excuse for extreme secrecy and frequent absences go, it’s a bold one. This documentary series tells the story of William Allen Jordan, who told his wife, Mary Turner Thomson, that he was a CIA agent working in counter-terrorism. The truth was much grubbier and grimmer. In 2006, Mary received a phone call from a woman claiming to be another Mrs Jordan – it turned out her husband was a serial bigamist, predator and liar whose victims were more numerous than either woman could imagine.
From Thursday 26 October, ITVX

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Therapy by Sebastian Fitzek

Stephan Kampwirth as Larenz in Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy.

A child who is not present, a marriage that is shattered, and a quest for the facts: while these may be common themes in psychological thrillers, this series (based on Fitzek’s book Therapy) effectively portrays the emotional landscape of sorrow. Viktor Larenz (played by Stephan Kampwirth), a therapist, has withdrawn to a nearly deserted island following the vanishing of his daughter. While there, he is plagued by both physical and mental manifestations of his trauma. However, anticipate numerous surprises – nothing is as straightforward as it appears.
will no longer be available for new subscriptions

Starting on Friday, October 27th, new subscriptions for Prime Video will no longer be offered.


William Spetz in Tore.

This is a Swedish drama about a young man named Tore who is shy and introverted. After his father passes away, Tore goes on a journey of self-discovery fueled by reckless behavior, sex, and drugs. Tore had been living with his father well into his late 20s while struggling with his identity. Now that he is on his own, will he be able to handle the newfound freedom? The film effectively captures the exhilarating but also scary feeling of letting go. Tore is faced with a world full of risky opportunities, some of which may be overwhelming for him.
will be available in South Korea

Starting October 27th, South Korea will have access to Netflix.

Reworded: Join the ’90s Lo-fi Film Club at the Yellow Door.

Yellow Door: ’90s Lo-fi Film Club.

This engaging film provides insight into the rise of Korean cinema by delving into a common experience shared by a group of movie enthusiasts. In the early 1990s, a gathering of young Koreans regularly met to share their love for films. One of the members was Bong Joon-ho, who later became the first Korean to win an Academy Award. At the Yellow Door film club, he presented his debut film, Looking for Paradise. While Bong may be the standout success, the true power of the film lies in its depiction of a collective journey – the club served as a significant milestone for all involved.
will no longer be available on some older Roku models

Starting on October 27th, Netflix will not be accessible on certain older Roku devices anymore.

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