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Diane from The Traitors shares her thoughts on being labeled a gay icon: "It's absolutely hilarious!"
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Diane from The Traitors shares her thoughts on being labeled a gay icon: “It’s absolutely hilarious!”

Caution: this piece includes spoilers for The Traitors.

The ending of The Sopranos may be forgotten and Ross and Rachel’s “break” may have been overshadowed by a new iconic TV moment: the murder of Diane Carson, a beloved character on The Traitors. But it wasn’t just a simple murder. She was slowly poisoned in a twisted manner, ultimately being unknowingly led to her own funeral.

The recent episode was a television gem, full of intense drama and emotion, as we said goodbye to a contestant who has quickly become a beloved member of the reality show. Although she may have appeared intimidating at first, the 63-year-old retired teacher quickly won over the nation with her nurturing nature, impeccable fashion sense in floral-print blouses, and the surprising revelation that Paul was not her son, but Ross was instead.

She was known for constantly creating memes, and was a beloved figure in the LGBTQ community. But now, she is no longer with us. How could someone have taken her life? Let’s turn to the woman herself for answers.

Hello Diane, how are you?

How are you feeling? I have just been killed, so I am not doing well.

Did you feel like you were a part of one of the most memorable moments on British television?

Sorry, I don’t understand. I was only joking around. This whole situation seems a bit crazy.

Were you surprised to suddenly become a popular figure in the gay community?

I am extremely flattered. The reasons for being considered a gay icon are often the same qualities that irk my family, which is quite amusing. One such trait is my straightforwardness and tendency to share my opinions, even when they are not welcome. However, this is simply who I am. I did not plan or strategize to become a gay icon – my main focus was just surviving.

‘That outfit would not have been my choice!’ Diane at her own funeral.View image in fullscreen

Did you have any inkling that your departure from the castle would lead to your own funeral procession and ultimately your death?

When Zack was anxious, I attempted to reassure him. My concern then shifted to Ross and I hoped he was okay. Once Ross was confirmed safe, I was able to relax. However, when I was mistakenly named as the recipient of Tracey’s possessions, I realized it was actually me.

What was the level of drama on set?
Oh God, it felt dramatic! When you come to all the coffins and there’s this mist in the air, and I could feel people beside me taking deep breaths … and of course with everyone in black. Actually, the outfit I brought was navy so they had to go out and sort something else for me last minute. That outfit would not have been my choice, I have to say!

Did you apply for The Traitors on a whim?
Yes, I agree. Last year, my children convinced me to watch the show. I commented, “I believe I could participate in this,” but they replied, “No, you couldn’t! You’re way too outspoken. The key is to stay quiet and blend in, and you would never do that.” Then my daughter jokingly sent me an application form. I filled it out just to say, “You’ll never believe what I applied for.” I never imagined I would actually be chosen.

When was it that you informed them?

My daughter discovered the news during my presence. However, my other son was only informed the day before it was aired. His sister-in-law sent him a picture and said, “I’ve seen the list for this year’s Traitors and there’s a woman who resembles your mother.” He responded, “Oh my goodness, that’s my mother…and my brother too!” They were both completely surprised.

Did you have a plan in mind about whether or not you would reveal to anyone that Ross is your son?

We had no intention of sharing this information with anyone. It would have only made us vulnerable to attack.

What if you had been caught?
I pondered that if the situation would arise where we could no longer deny it, we would be completely truthful. However, when the possibility of Paul being my son was brought up, I immediately saw it as an opportunity to use as leverage. I would have proudly claimed, “Paul’s my son, Ross is my son, Jasmine’s my…” You get the idea. I would have continued in that manner and they would have been too ashamed to object. Interestingly enough, Paul did mention from the beginning that I resembled his mother.

Is that considered wishful thinking?

While watching the show last night, I couldn’t help but turn to my wife and express, “I wish Diane was my mother.”
That is incredibly kind of you. However, I’m not entirely certain that my children would share the same sentiment.

What is your relationship with Ross like, aside from the traitors?

We are the family that you see on television. We are a tight-knit group and we enjoy playing various games. To celebrate my 60th birthday a few years ago, my family planned a treasure hunt for me in York. Each member dressed up in costumes and I had to interact with them in character. My husband, who is usually reserved and down-to-earth, even participated by dressing up as a hotdog. It was an amazing experience. They even surprised me with a bouncy castle!

Many individuals are curious about the behind-the-scenes experience of the show. What was the duration of the filming process?

You are being requested to have a three-week period of availability.

Where do you rest while that duration?

Suspiciously, we have accommodations.

I am hoping that there are other lodging options nearby besides just Travelodge.

I can only confirm that we have accommodations. These are inappropriate inquiries. Please refrain from asking such questions if you want to be considered my son.

Diane drinks from the poisoned chalice … The Traitors.

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Sure! Regarding alcohol, how much do you typically consume during your time there?
I would consume all the available drinks, as you have witnessed! However, there is not a lot. There is a small amount available at night and that is all.

Can you tell us about the small hobbies you record yourself doing in your room? We saw you doing lunges, was that your own decision?

I regularly stay in shape by participating in trail runs and half marathons, so I figured that doing lunges at night would fit well into my routine.

Were you shocked when you discovered the identity of the Traitors?

I was not surprised by Paul’s actions, as I had already begun to suspect him. However, I was caught off guard by Miles because he is my friend. While I understand that this is a game, it can be difficult not to mix friendship with someone being loyal. As for Harry, he never crossed my mind. When I first met him, I saw a charming and polite young man who even pulled out my chair at the Round Table. Looking back, he did show some emotional vulnerability, which could have been a ploy for sympathy. Interestingly, I had a tarot card reading before the show began and there were warnings about deceitful people, represented by snakes. It’s ironic that Harry has a large snake tattoo, yet I still didn’t make the connection.

Did you feel disappointed when you discovered that Miles had caused your death?

I was concerned that I had exposed him by mentioning the drink and diverting attention to the possibility that the poison was in liquid form. However, once I discovered that he was a traitor, the situation changed. I am relieved that he has been revealed and removed.

Your appearance on the show has sparked an overwhelming amount of exceptional online material…

I am not active on social media platforms such as TikTok or Twitter. However, my family members are skilled at curating and sharing the funniest memes with me. We recently created an Instagram account, which my daughter primarily manages, and we enjoy sharing posts on there.

One great aspect of your Instagram account is the abundance of incredible Traitors content, but before that, there are only two posts featuring results from your 10km runs in the area!

This is my contribution! I created an account specifically to follow Ross and my stepdaughter, who gives online skincare advice. Then I decided to share a few of my own accomplishments with running. Unexpectedly, I gained followers who I didn’t even know. Now it seems I have thousands of followers.

Who recorded the video of you dancing to Murder on the Dancefloor?

My daughter’s husband recorded the video, and it was Ross’s girlfriend’s idea. I believe Ross’s girlfriend’s sister took the screenshot of the cast, and my daughter added the music. I simply danced around and drank!

Initially, I perceived you as somewhat strict…
Good! [Laughs]

Do people initially perceive you that way in real life, before seeing you on the show?

Definitely. In the past, I worked as a youth worker in a community with paramilitary associations. Later, I became a teacher on the dividing line in Belfast. Additionally, I have experience working with students aged 11 to 16 who were expelled from school. It is important to have firmness, but I believe that constantly being stern does not lead to success in life. I try to incorporate humor whenever possible and I feel that my humorous side was not fully shown on the show.

Where do you envision your next destination? I can imagine you on Strictly …

Unfortunately, my lack of dancing skills means I won’t be participating in Strictly. However, I am considering having Sunday roasts with celebrities. Wouldn’t that be amazing? My Sunday roasts are incredibly tasty and we could use the time to talk about global issues.

Before you leave, one final question – did you actually think Ross was a traitor?

In the later stages, I realized that I had stayed for a longer period than necessary. However, on the morning of my funeral, it was strange to think about, I could sense from our conversation that he was not a traitor.

How challenging was it to have your son ‘bury’ you?

I wanted to avoid showing too much emotion and revealing my feelings, so I simply said “Bye.” Surprisingly, he thought my parting word was “Miles”! I refrained from saying “I love you” or anything similar because I didn’t want to give away my emotions. I wanted to give him the best opportunity to succeed in winning The Traitors for us.

Source: theguardian.com