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Criminal Record to Echo: the seven best shows to stream this week
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Criminal Record to Echo: the seven best shows to stream this week

Pick of the week
Criminal Record

Despite its unappealing generic title, this police drama takes place in London and features Cush Jumbo and Peter Capaldi in lead roles. It is well-made and captivating from the very beginning. While responding to a call about domestic violence from a phone booth in Hackney, Jumbo’s clever detective character June Lenker stumbles upon a potential case of wrongful conviction. However, she makes the mistake of directly confronting the lead investigator on the case, Capaldi’s DCI Daniel Hegarty, and soon finds herself at a disadvantage. Hegarty has powerful connections and Lenker faces obstacles in accessing pertinent files, as well as facing scrutiny from an internal review team. What exactly has she discovered?
, November 4

Starting on Wednesday, November 4th, Apple TV+ will be available.


Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in Echo.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this 2021 spin-off of Hawkeye delves into the darker and more intense aspects. Deaf and Native American superhero Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) must confront her adoptive uncle, the fearsome Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio). The two have a complicated history: Lopez used to work for Fisk as a member of the criminal group, the Tracksuit Mafia, until she discovered that he was responsible for her father’s death. In Echo, Maya is forced to leave New York to avoid Fisk’s pursuit. She returns to her hometown in Oklahoma to reconnect with her family and come to terms with her painful past.
Disney+, from Wednesday

“The Trust” is a game that revolves around the concept of greed.

Brooke Baldwin, host of The Trust: Game of Greed

After the recent finale of Squid Game: The Challenge and the ongoing second season of The Traitors, it’s uncertain if audiences will be open to another villainous reality game show. However, The Trust offers a slight twist. 11 strangers will come together with the opportunity to split a quarter of a million dollars, or they can betray each other for a larger share. While it may seem repetitive, it’s still possible to become engrossed in the show.
Netflix, from Wednesday

Break Point

Tennis documentary Break Point gets a second series.

This intimate tennis documentary series returns for another season, with the fortunate opportunity to have its usual locker room access to both the men’s and women’s tours during a particularly interesting period. As established legends potentially decline, a fresh crop of players are vying for the top spots and the competition is wide open. Keep an eye out for familiar faces like Nick Kyrgios and Iga Świątek, who were featured prominently in season one, and watch for emerging talent like Spain’s rising star Carlos Alcaraz.
Netflix, from Wednesday

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Boy Swallows Universe

Felix Cameron as Eli Bell in Boy Swallows Universe.

A unique coming-of-age story follows the life of Eli Bell, who is not living a glamorous life. He is growing up in a rundown neighborhood in Brisbane with a negligent father, a drug-addicted mother, a silent brother, a criminal babysitter, and a stepfather who sells drugs. Despite these challenging circumstances, Eli must find a way to create a stable life for himself. The tone of the story is not consistently gloomy – Felix Cameron brings some light to the role of Eli, and there are hints of humor similar to the TV show Shameless in these tough lives, although a dark fate looms.
Netflix, from Thursday

Detective Forst

Borys Szyc in Detective Forst.

This Polish crime drama centers on Detective Wiktor Forst, played by Borys Szyc, and journalist Olga Szrebska, played by Zuzanna Saporznikow. They team up to investigate a string of murders in the harsh and isolated Tatra Mountains. The unforgiving winter landscape serves as both a physical and symbolic obstacle as the duo navigates through a tight-knit community full of dark secrets. While the premise may not be revolutionary, the film offers a chilling and suspenseful mystery.
Netflix, from Thursday

Sky Med

Kheon Clarke, Thomas Elms, Monica Dottor and David Reale in SkyMed.

This light-hearted Canadian show features a photogenic and brave air ambulance crew, focusing on the essential elements of a medical drama. The job is demanding and the medics need to relax between emergencies. The show has been compared to ER, with an added touch of romantic drama. Many familiar characters return in season one, but there are new challenges as the team faces financial struggles. Layoffs are a possibility, but luckily, there are always new injuries to keep them busy and sustainable.
Paramount+, from Friday

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