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"Confirmed to be a hit": the top 50 television programs to watch in 2024.
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“Confirmed to be a hit”: the top 50 television programs to watch in 2024.

The legal case of Mr. Bates against the Postal Service

The lawsuit filed by Mr. Bates against the Post Office.

Although it was a significant miscarriage of justice, the scandal surrounding the British Post Office, where almost a thousand sub-postmasters were falsely accused of theft or fraud due to a flawed IT system, did not receive the widespread attention it warranted. Fortunately, the upcoming drama featuring Toby Jones and Julie Hesmondhalgh, written by Gwyneth Hughes, may shed light on this issue.
ITV1, 1 January

The Traitors

Hooded cloaks at the ready! Claudia Winkleman and her knitwear are back in the castle for the second season of the evil/genius reality TV smash hit. Will the new batch of Faithfuls manage to outwit the Traitors and take home the cash? And will anyone play as much of a blinder as Wilf? We live in hope.
BBC One, 1 January


Do you have a close friend from your youth that you have cherished for many years? Would you be willing to end their life if they asked you to? This is the dark concept of Charlie Covell’s euthanasia-themed drama, featuring Lindsay Duncan and Clarke Peters as former lovers and friends who are tasked with killing off their old group. Can they handle the weight of this responsibility?
Channel 4, 3 January



A world away from Sgt Catherine Cawood, Sarah Lancashire is back on cracking form (is she ever not?) as Julia Child, the pioneering, plum-mouthed, innuendo-loving TV chef. In this second outing, Julia heads to Paris to get more inspiration for her show The French Chef – which is becoming so popular back home she ends up in the White House. As ever, expect this show to be swimming in so much butter your arteries will get clogged just watching. Yum.
Sky/Now, 5 January

Criminal Record

It is surprising that there has not been a crime thriller featuring Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo yet, but Criminal Record aims to rectify this. The show, created by experienced writer Paul Rutman, promises to be dark and intense.
Apple TV+, 10 January


Reworded: Viewers excited for the upcoming 2022 Disney+ show Hawkeye may already know about Maya Lopez, a deaf protagonist seeking vengeance for her father’s death. In the spin-off series Echo, Lopez will take center stage. And even more exciting is the confirmation that the talented and intimidating Vincent D’Onofrio will reprise his role as the villainous Kingpin.
Disney+, 10 January



Are you prepared, Gladiators? Are you prepared, Players? The beloved 90s show is back, featuring all the familiar challenges like pugil sticks, Hang Tough, and The Wall. And this time, even more incredibly fit athletes are ready to take on courageous members of the audience. Can they defeat the likes of Fury, Electro, Nitro, and Bionic in the ultimate test, the Eliminator?
BBC One, 13 January

Big Boys

Jack has returned and his obsession with huns is still as strong as ever. As the second year of Brent University begins, Jack (played by Dylan Llewellyn) who has recently come out, is determined to finally have sex. However, he would still rather watch Alison Hammond on Strictly than go out on a Saturday night during Freshers’ Week. The second season of Jack Rooke’s semi-autobiographical comedy continues to be a hilarious and enjoyable experience.
Channel 4, 14 January

True Detective

True Detective: Night Country.

Despite the difficulty of recalling the intense impact of True Detective’s debut season, the show continues to have the ability to shock and perplex. The upcoming fourth season, titled Night Country, takes place in Alaska and is the first not written by Nic Pizzolatto. It features Jodie Foster in the lead role.

On January 15th, Sky Atlantic/Now will be available.



The latest drama from Amazon has sparked some controversy due to its filming location in Hong Kong during the Covid pandemic. Additionally, lead actress Nicole Kidman caused a stir by being exempt from quarantine requirements. However, it is hoped that these issues will be forgotten once the show is released. The show, created by Lulu Wang of “The Farewell” fame, shows a lot of potential.
Prime Video, 26 January

Masters of the Air

You enjoyed watching Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Now, the World War II epic by Spielberg and Hanks comes to an end with Apple’s Masters of the Air. Similar to its predecessors, this series is expected to feature a large ensemble cast that will likely catapult many young actors to fame in the years to come.
Apple TV, 26 January

have been happily married for 10 years.

The Smiths, who have been wedded for a decade, are still happily together.

Mr and Mrs Smith.

A TV show based on an almost 20-year-old espionage thriller, Mr & Mrs Smith has not had the smoothest of journeys to TV. The adaptation was initially announced as being created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Donald Glover, who would also star. But then Waller-Bridge left, and Maya Erskine replaced her, and the thing was moved back from 2022 to 2024. Despite all the upheaval, this show still has a ton of potential.
Prime Video, 2 February

One Day

One Day.

After thirteen years since the release of the Anne Hathaway film (which we won’t dwell on), the popular novel by David Nicholls is finally given the nostalgic treatment it deserves. With plenty of humor and a flawless soundtrack, the talented Leo Woodall portrays the entitled but fragile character Dexter, while Ambika Mod showcases her impressive comedic skills as Emma. Through snapshots of one day each year, we witness the unfolding of the pair’s lives. Be prepared for goosebumps – there will be many.
Netflix, 8 February

The New Look

The TV shows on Apple TV+ are renowned for their impressive production quality. This is evident in The New Look, a drama that explores the origins of modern fashion through the stories of Christian Dior and Coco Chanel in the aftermath of World War II. With Ben Mendelsohn portraying Dior, Juliette Binoche as Chanel, and Maisie Williams as Dior’s sister Catherine, viewers can expect a visually stunning and elegant series.
Apple TV+, 14 February

Palm Royale

Palm Royale.

Kristen Wiig and Laura Dern star in this fun piece of high camp about high society ladies who lunch in Palm Beach, 1969. Drenched in sunshine, it’s a wild ride as Maxine (Wiig) desperately tries to infiltrate an elite members’ club. She soon gets found out as an imposter, because she gets her haute couture by robbing an old woman, and her clothes are so not this season. All the women put in iconic turns, from Allison Janney to Carol Burnett. Ricky Martin also stars as an evil waiter. Yes please!
Apple TV+, 20 March

3 Body Problem

This is Netflix’s attempt at reaching global success like Game of Thrones, based on Liu Cixin’s popular science fiction series Remembrance of Earth’s Past (praised by George RR Martin and Barack Obama). The show, created by David Benioff and DB Weiss of GoT fame, takes place in the future, present, and past, following Earth’s interactions with extraterrestrial beings.
Netflix, 21 March

Doctor Who

Following his unique entrance (renewing from David Tennant instead of Jodie Whittaker and allowing David Tennant to also portray the Doctor), it is now time to discover the potential of Ncuti Gatwa. Fortunately, Gatwa is youthful, charming, and attractive, Russell T Davies has returned as the showrunner, and Doctor Who is now backed by Disney funds. This has the potential to be truly spectacular.
BBC One/iPlayer, spring

Renegade Nell

Renegade Nell.

Due to the overwhelming success of Happy Valley, it is expected that Sally Wainwright will confidently enter 2024 as a champion. Her latest project, Renegade Nell, can be considered her victory lap. This period drama focuses on the infamous highwaywoman, Renegade Nell, and features a talented cast including Louisa Harland, Joely Richardson, Adrian Lester, and Nick Mohammed. However, the main draw of the show is Wainwright’s involvement, ensuring that it will be a hit.
Disney+, spring

House of the Dragon

The initial season may have caused some confusion due to the introduction of new cast members and unexpected time leaps, but its conclusion was incredibly impactful. The final scene with Rhaenyra showed her son’s death at the hands of his uncle, and her expression hinted at a season two filled with non-stop violence. How thrilling.

“Summer on Sky Atlantic/Now”

A Gentleman in Moscow

This renowned series is based on the 2016 book written by Amor Towles. It follows the story of Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov, a fictional character who is an aristocrat during the time of the Bolshevik revolution in the early 1900s. Rostov is sentenced to a lifetime of house arrest, and the series spans decades as he navigates this fate. One notable aspect of the show is Ewan McGregor’s extravagant mustache.

Alice & Jack

Victor Levin, a writer with credits including Mad Men and The Larry Sanders Show, has created what sounds like one of the year’s most intriguing offerings. Alice & Jack charts the course of a 16-year relationship between Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson, and by all accounts sounds ambitious and heartfelt in equal measure.
Channel 4

Alma is not your average person.

Alma is anything but ordinary.

One of the very best comedies of 2021 – an audacious and uproarious look at class, sex work and brilliant northern women – is coming back for more, neon fur coats and all. The last time we saw Alma Nuthall (the exceptional Sophie Willan), she had to make the tough decision about whether to go on tour with her theatre troupe, or set her dreams aside to care for her mum who had started using heroin again. Let’s hope Siobhan Finneran and Jayde Adams will still be by her side.

Big Mood

Big Mood.

Nicola Coughlan is set to have a significant year with her leading role in Bridgerton premiering in May. She will also appear alongside the popular Lydia West in a Channel 4 series about two best friends in their thirties. One of the friends struggles with bipolar disorder, which could potentially affect their strong bond. The show promises to provide a humorous and thoughtful portrayal of mental health and the unbreakable bond of sisterhood.
Channel 4

Black Doves

Joe Barton, known for his work on Giri/Haji and The Lazarus Project, presents his most ambitious project to date. In Black Doves, Keira Knightley portrays the wife of a politician who shares confidential information with a mysterious intelligence agency led by Sarah Lancashire. However, their perfect plan is derailed when a shocking event occurs. Adding to the excitement, Ben Whishaw takes on the role of a sophisticated, champagne-loving assassin. It’s a perfect combination.

Blue Lights

In 2024, two highly acclaimed police dramas will return for their second seasons. The Responder features a standout performance by Martin Freeman as a disillusioned night cop from Liverpool, while the intense Belfast cop drama also makes a comeback. This time, our response officers find themselves caught in the middle of a violent feud between rival criminal groups, promising even more thrilling television. Additionally, there are rumors of a special appearance by a well-known celebrity.


Bluey is the best show on television, thanks in part to its wildly ambitious attitude to storytelling. This is the show, remember, that told the entire history of humanity from prehistory to a post-Earth utopia in just seven minutes. So think what could happen in its upcoming 28-minute episode. Minds will be blown. Tears will be shed. This could be everything.

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The quality of Covid-related dramas can be inconsistent, especially when they include impersonations of Boris Johnson. However, Jed Mercurio’s latest series has a lot of promise. Adapted from Rachel Clarke’s memoir, Breathtaking aims to immerse us into the challenges faced by healthcare workers at the start of the pandemic. Mercurio is known for his expertise in medical dramas, so this should be an exciting watch.

The Day of the Jackal

This modern retelling of Frederick Forsyth’s renowned espionage story has great potential. It is written by Ronan Bennett, known for his work on Top Boy and Michael Mann’s Public Enemies, and the details of the production have been kept under wraps. One thing that can be confirmed is that Eddie Redmayne will portray The Jackal. He seems like a perfect fit for the role, don’t you think?
Sky Atlantic/Now

Disability Benefits

Rosie Jones has become something of a foundational voice for Channel 4 in recent years, so it was only a matter of time before she got her own sitcom. Disability Benefits began life as an absolutely tremendous Comedy Blap about a disabled woman who, when her benefits are cut, decides to build an illegal drug network.
Channel 4

Domino Day

Domino Day.

Attention Buffy enthusiasts, your search is over! This alluring and mystical new series from BBC centers on a society where witches are required to work in a group, until one is found going solo and draining the energy of numerous men through sexual encounters.
BBC Three

Dune: Prophecy

Denis Villeneuve’s film series has finally delivered all the promise of Frank Herbert’s books (Action! Complexity! Very loud bits!), so here’s a chance to see how it came to be. Dune: Prophecy is a prequel, set 10,000 years before the book took place. Emily Watson and Olivia Williams play sisters who establish the superhuman sect of Bene Gesserit, so that’s fun.
Sky Atlantic/Now


Abi Morgan continues her career with The Split, which may be her most unusual work yet. Benedict Cumberbatch portrays a puppeteer from the 1980s who struggles with substance abuse and must search for his missing son. Along the way, he is assisted by a 7ft puppet named Eric.

The Jinx: Part Two

The Jinx.

The conclusion of The Jinx, a 2015 HBO documentary, will always be renowned for its incredibly memorable ending in the history of television programs. The upcoming sequel delves deeper into the tale of Robert Durst, a real estate mogul who became a killer. It includes fresh evidence and interviews. While it may be difficult to top the shocking impact of its predecessor, one can only hope for an equally astounding outcome.
Sky Atlantic/Now


The tale of Joan Hannington, a notorious London jewel thief in the 1980s, was so captivating that two decades ago, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna were reportedly vying for the role in a film adaptation. However, the project has since moved to television, with Sophie Turner taking on the role of Hannington. Based on the set photos, it appears that the show will feature a lavish period aesthetic.

Junior Taskmaster

Throughout its existence, even with occasional use of crude language, Taskmaster has evolved into a show that appeals to children. It is now fully embracing this aspect with a special version for kids. Rose Matafeo takes on the role of Greg Davies, while Mike Wozniak portrays a younger version of Alex Horne, and all contestants are between the ages of 9 and 11. This has the potential to be incredibly delightful.
Channel 4

Mary & George

Mary & George.

Julianne Moore plays the role of Mary Villiers, the Countess of Buckingham, who shaped her son to charm James I in hopes of gaining unknown power. Mary & George is inspired by a real-life story, but judging from the trailer – which features music by the Stooges and Moore provocatively saying “cockstruck” – it will be far from dull.
Sky Atlantic/Now

Mr Loverman

Based on the 2014 novel by Bernardine Evaristo, the first Black woman to ever win the Booker prize, Mr Loverman tells the story of a septuagenarian Caribbean Londoner who is secretly gay despite a half-century marriage. Lennie James will play the titular character in the BBC adaptation. If it’s a patch on the book, this will be terrific.



Candice Carty-Williams must be settling comfortably into the showrunner seat by now. Hot on the heels of her grime/garage family saga Champion, she’s adapted the novel that made her name and won her a slew of awards. Dionne Brown stars as Queenie, the eponymous 25-year-old Londoner going through a bad break-up from her boyfriend Tom, played by Jon Pointing. Comedy royalty Sally Phillips also stars, so this is sure to be razor-sharp. South London crew, assemble!
Channel 4

The Regime

The Regime.

The Regime is a comedic take on politics created by Will Tracy from Succession and directed by Stephen Frears. It follows the downfall of an oppressive central European government. Starring Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant, along with a talented cast, this show has the potential to be the standout of 2024.

In March 2019, Sky Atlantic/Now will be broadcasting.


Andrew Scott as Tom Ripley in Ripley.

This show is based on Patricia Highsmith’s Tom Ripley novels and can be seen as The Talented Mr Ripley: The TV Show. Netflix acquired the series after Showtime dropped it, which turned out to be a positive move. The role of Tom Ripley will be portrayed by Andrew Scott, an excellent choice that will bring a fresh energy to a familiar story.


Jilly Cooper! Aidan Turner! David Tennant! Need we say more? This series is pumped full of top British actors, and it’s penned by Dominic Treadwell-Collins of A Very English Scandal fame plus playwright Laura Wade, known for cutting upper-class satires like The Riot Club. Hopes are sky-high for a high-society masterpiece of camp.

The Savant

According to the Cosmopolitan article from 2019 titled “Is It Possible to Prevent Mass Shootings Before They Occur?”, the plot of The Savant follows an investigator who joins online hate groups in hopes of stopping violent crimes before they occur. The show features Jessica Chastain as the lead and has Melissa James Gibson (known for The Americans) as the showrunner.
Apple TV+

Stranger Things

In 2024, Stranger Things will come to an end, solidifying its place as the most anticipated show of the year. The outcome of the final season, whether the children defeat Vecna or not, is irrelevant. The show has become such a significant part of popular culture that it will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion for months to come.

The Sympathizer

It’s difficult not to fizz with excitement about this one. The Sympathizer is based on Viet Thanh Nguyen’s incredible Pulitzer-winner novel of the same name, about a Vietnamese spy sent to America, and is directed by Park Chan Wook. Better yet, it stars Robert Downey Jr who, post-Oppenheimer, seems gripped by a burning desire to remind the world that he can act the pants off anybody alive.
Sky Atlantic/Now

The person who creates tattoos at Auschwitz.

In 2018, Heather Morris released a widely successful novel about a tattoo artist who falls in love with a girl he tattoos during the Holocaust. The book sold over 3 million copies and is now being adapted into a television series featuring Jonah Hauer-King and Anna Próchniak. Hopefully, the show will also be well-received by audiences.
Sky Atlantic/Now

This Town

This Town.

Steven Knight is a highly productive writer, having released three TV shows and three movies in the past two years. Yet, his newest creation, This Town, seems to be his most promising work. The story takes place during the ska movement in the Midlands and features a star-studded cast including Michelle Dockery, Jordan Bolger, and Geraldine James. Adding to its appeal, the series also boasts original music by Dan Carey and Kae Tempest.

Toxic Town

A new miniseries from Charlie Brooker’s production company Broke & Bones, titled “Corby Toxic Waste Scandal,” delves into the events of the 1980s and 1990s where poor handling of waste from a deserted steelworks resulted in birth defects. Starring Jodie Whittaker, Robert Carlyle, and Rory Kinnear, the series is also written by Jack Thorne for added appeal.

The Way

The Way.

The Way, a gripping series created by James Graham and directed by Michael Sheen, is bound to be a hot topic for weeks to come. Executive produced by Adam Curtis, the series depicts a civil rebellion in Wales that leads to a family’s desperate escape from the country. With the talented Callum Scott Howells also starring, it’s sure to be an incredible watch.

“We Are Lady Parts”

Nida Manzoor’s groundbreaking comedy, featuring a Muslim feminist punk band, is back and promises to be an exhilarating experience. Will the band maintain their rebellious edge? Will Amina, the guitarist, continue to get sick every time she’s on stage? And can we expect the same catchy tunes as in season one’s hits “Bashir With the Good Beard” and “Voldemort Under My Headscarf”? All indications point to a resounding yes!
Channel 4

We may end up regretting this.

Created by the company who brought us modern classics People Just Do Nothing and Stath Lets Flats, this BBC comedy comes from filmmaker and disability activist Kyla Harris and fellow Canadian Lee Getty. Harris stars as Freya, a tetraplegic woman who’s in a new relationship – but can’t ever get a moment alone with him without her personal assistants being there, so enlists her best mate to do the job. Talk about third wheel …

Source: theguardian.com