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The liveblog for Saturday night has come to an end, but let’s reconvene here for the results show on Sunday at 7:20pm on BBC1. I will restart the blog at 6:50pm for the pre-show, so please join me again then.

In the meanwhile, you can find me on Twitter as @michaelhogan. Feel free to stop by and say hello.

Thank you for tuning in to my live blog, lovely viewers. I’ll see you tomorrow, but in the meantime, remember to keep dancing! Take care.

Nigel Harman and Katya Jones.

Viewers can switch to BBC2 tonight for a special evening featuring Dolly Parton. Don’t miss out on the talented country singer, but please, don’t steal my man.

On BBC1 at 9pm, catch the Royal British Legion Festival Of Remembrance at the Albert Hall. Then at 9.55pm on BBC Two, tune in to Later With Jools Holland for a Windrush-themed episode with special guests Róisín Murphy, Nitin Sawhney, and Suggs.

As for films, the ones I recommend for tonight are the French thriller Black Box (airing at 9pm on BBC4), Tarantino’s action-packed revenge film Kill Bill Vol 1 (airing at 9pm on Dave), and the underrated romantic comedy As Good As It Gets starring Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt (airing at 11.25pm on Great Movies).

At last, recognition for the top-performing Layton Williams on the leaderboard.

Kalioon stated, “I was initially opposed to the ‘ringer’, but my opinion may have shifted.”

Gardener_Maidhc says: “Layton and Nikita’s Argentine tango was very good. Love Nikita in a purple suit! Tattoo by Loreen! Wasn’t the filthy, smut fest of an Argentine Tango I was hoping for but still INCREDIBLE! Really enjoyed that!”

Elfwyn remarks, “In all honesty, I am not concerned with Layton’s past dance experience. His performance is simply amazing, and that is what I enjoy watching on Strictly.”

Nikita Kuzmin and Layton Williams’ Argentine tango.

Amber expresses her admiration for Annabel and Johannes, stating that she was smiling and moving in her seat throughout their performance. She admits that dancing is not her strong suit, but she thoroughly enjoyed their routine.

Acanthe expresses concern that Craig may be overly focused on certain details, such as his hand shape or spacing. She believes he is unable to see the positive aspects beyond these points.

Shazza2704 includes: “Wow, Angela S seems really devastated by Craig’s remarks. While I do like Craig, I believe his approach was too direct and lacked any helpful feedback. Angela definitely did not deserve that.”

The Strictly celebrities and professional dancers.

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola remain popular choices.

girlpanic exclaimed, “Watching Ellie and Vito was simply delightful. Despite Vito’s impressive chest, I couldn’t take my eyes off Ellie. She was outstanding. I have a feeling some perfect 10’s are on the horizon.” I shared the same sentiment, but unfortunately, we were proven wrong, girlpanic.

“Did Ellie receive the same grade from Craig as Angela R?”

Alan99999 commented on Vito’s fashion choices, asking where he was during the shortage of buttons in 2023.

MikeMoonlight suggests observing a moment of silence in honor of the buttons that have fallen off Vito’s shirts, in remembrance of them during this time of Remembrance.

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola.

The performance by Nigel Harman and Katya Jones for the Couples’ Choice category was a huge hit.

fihema commented: “I was captivated by Nigel and Katya. They were mesmerizing. And Nigel had a bigger part in the dance this week. So not only did he make his partner shine, but he also shone himself. Is that a thing? :)”. Yes, it is fihema.

kalioon says: “That was phenomenal. Unfortunately for Nigel, I can’t help but watch Katya. My word, she’s so good.”

Avenueman comments: “Although I am not a fan of Couples Choice in general, I have to acknowledge that Annabel last week and Nigel this week have used it effectively. In my opinion, CC is most successful when the dancers are able to convey a story.”

Nigel Harman and Katya Jones.

Commenters have a mix of opinions on Angela Rippon. MartGray expressed surprise, stating they were unaware they needed a Spanish cyberpunk version of her in their life.

Nettepet, on the other hand, comments that the judges’ obsession with Angela R is becoming excessive. While it’s true that she can lift her leg in the air, this is a skill she has honed over many years. However, her recent performance did not justify the high marks she received. She appeared stiff, had poor posture, made a major error, and lacked significant dancing. I will end my comments here.

Kai Widdrington and Angela Rippon.

A swift vox pop of your comments. Lots of fondness but fears for Krishnan Guru-Murthy below the line.

Girlpanic commented: “KGM did a great job. However, with the remaining talent, it may not be enough to avoid the dance off. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable and he has a lot of enthusiasm.”

MarkRoche mentioned that Krishnan’s joyful demeanor may lead to more votes for him, even though his performance was not outstanding and it is still too soon for him to be eliminated from the show.

Styletraveller suggests that they are enjoying the current stage of Strictly and believes it may be time for Krishnan to step aside for more skilled dancers this week.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Lauren Oakley’s samba.

Layton Williams has reclaimed the top spot on the leaderboard, switching places with Ellie Leach. The two of them are currently in a league of their own compared to the other dancers.

The judges’ scores and the public vote will be added together, and the two lowest scores will compete for survival tomorrow night. Krishnan Guru-Murthy may be anxious about the red light of doom, but who will be his opponent?

Annabel Croft finished in second-to-last place. Bobby Brazier and the two Angelas may have a tense wait.

The recipients of this week’s gong are golden, glittery, and spherical, but completely imaginary.

The top performance was Layton and Ellie’s Argentine tango by far. They truly stand out among the others.

Unfortunately, Krishnan Guru-Murthy’s dance was the worst. Annabel Croft and Angela Rippon received higher scores but were not much improved.

Great selection of music: A fantastic evening of music. One of the best in a while. Madonna, Loreen, and Cyndi Lauper were especially popular.

The music selection was the worst: Every note was played perfectly. Great job, Dave Arch and team.

Top choice: Katya’s stunning 1950s dress in a vibrant poppy color that fits perfectly.

What was the reason for Nigel wearing a polo shirt instead of a suit? After seeing him in a black T-shirt last week, it seems like they’re styling him as a bartender rather than a leading man.

The judges’ best comment was when Anton made strange noises instead of giving clear critiques, which is his main responsibility. However, he somewhat made up for it by saying, “I got a cramp in my left buttock just by watching your leg lift,” to Angela Rippon.

Worst VT: I enjoyed Jack Whitehall visiting Layton, unlike some of you lot. So the totally spontaneous supper at Jeff Brazier’s house takes the prize. Nice kitchen, mind you.

Best Claudia quip: When Bobby Brazier referred to “the person I share a bed with”, bless him, she snapped back: “Who wants to pull on that string?”

Welcome, Claud. Our co-hosts are encouraging us to “keep dancing!” It would be quite scary if they did not.

As everyone prepares to pack their rolling suitcases for Blackpool with high hopes, please continue to stay with us for an analysis, response, and summary of your comments.

Anton is organizing a bus trip to Blackpool, with Craig as the serious conductor. Chaos ensues in the crowded Clauditorium.

The judges had positive feedback for Layton and Nikita’s performance. Tess was visibly shaken and the audience was ecstatic. Motsi was speechless and described the performance as epic, iconic, special, and the bomb. Shirley thought it was beyond perfection and she was lost in the Layton magic. Anton believed it was worth paying good money to see and called it extraordinary. Craig’s final comment was “a-may-zing”. Will this performance earn a perfect score of 40 before Blackpool?

The judges gave scores of 9 (teasing), 10, 10, and 10, for a total of 39 points. Nikita’s debut Argentine tango on Strictly was impressive, ranking at the top.

Layton Williams and Nikita Kuzmin.

The final dance has arrived. The contestant has achieved the highest average score of 34 points. As the series nears its conclusion, will there be any surprises in store? Will there be more impressive performances like Lay-tens? The performance tells a simple story of a breakup. The stage is set with a dark purple backdrop. The dancers are dressed in matching tailored purple suits. The dance exudes passion, drama, love, and desire. The movements are sharp and precise, with intricate storytelling through push-and-pull dynamics. It is an emotionally intense performance with incredible chemistry and connection between the dancers. While there were a few minor mistakes in the beginning, the leaps, lifts, and legwork are truly impressive. The storytelling is impactful and powerful. The performance ends abruptly but is undeniably brilliant.

Loreen’s song “Tattoo”, an electro-pop ballad, earned her a second Eurovision victory in just six months. She became the second person to win twice, following Ireland’s Johnny Logan. The song was streamed 4.3 million times the day after the contest, setting a new record for both a Eurovision song and a Swedish artist.

Judges’ feedback for Angela S and Carlos: Craig compliments their grace, style, and storytelling but criticizes unforgivable gaps. Motsi disagrees and believes it was their best dance yet. Shirley praises their beautiful feet and exceptional footwork in the waltz, and notes their overall strong performance. Anton concludes by acknowledging their continued improvement as a ballroom dancer. The final scores are a mix of six from Craig and eights from the rest.

The judges gave scores of 7, 9, 8, and 9, resulting in a total of 33 points. She has returned triumphantly.

Angela Scanlon and Carlos Gu.

The second-to-last dance is about to begin. Recently, Ms Scanlon, an Irish TV host, has been at risk of elimination, but she has managed to avoid the dance-off so far. Will returning to the ballroom help her climb up the rankings? She is wearing a traditional flowy cream dress adorned with pearls and feathers. In order to succeed, she will need to focus on having soft knees, rising and falling with the music, and smoothly gliding across the floor in a classic vase-like shape. The dance begins with a kneeling position, then transitions into a hold and swirling movements, but the judges will be paying close attention to her footwork. The dance is romantic and includes spinning and a one-legged ending, which is quite enchanting.

The song “With You I’m Born Again” was a soulful duet released in 1979 by Billy Preston & Syreeta, under Motown Records. Interestingly, it only took 22 minutes for the writers to compose the entire song, except for one line. This line, “Come show me your kindness, in your arms I know I’ll find this”, came to writer Carol Connors while she was at an ice cream parlor. She had to borrow a pen and paper from her waiter in order to jot it down. According to label boss Berry Gordy, they could have sold even more singles if they had named the song “Come Bring Me Your Softness”, as that was what customers were asking for when they went to record stores.

Angela Scanlon and Carlos Gu’s waltz.

Source: theguardian.com