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Bed bugs have been found in books at a library in London, causing the library to temporarily close.

A library in west London has been forced to temporarily shut down due to the discovery of bedbugs in books that were returned.

On Monday, it was announced that the Northolt library in West Ealing will temporarily close until the issue is resolved.

Unfortunately, we must inform you that the Northolt library will be temporarily closed due to reports of a few bed bugs. A message was shared on the Ealing Libraries X account stating that professional pest controllers will be contacted for guidance on how to handle the situation. We will keep you updated as we follow their recommendations.

A representative from the Ealing council stated that insects were discovered in books that were brought back to the library on Saturday. They also mentioned that the staff acted quickly and handled the situation in a professional manner.

The Ealing central library was shut down for several weeks due to the discovery of bedbugs in the furniture. A notice was posted on the door explaining that the soft furnishings had been removed temporarily to address the pest infestation and were being treated with pest control chemicals. The library was able to reopen after one week.

When questioned about a possible origin of the bedbugs in the libraries, the council representative stated that bedbugs have been a problem in the UK for a long time and are particularly challenging to control in heavily-used places like public transportation and buildings.

It is recommended to regularly inspect and remain vigilant in order to detect bugs early and address them. This is precisely what occurred at Northolt library.

Ealing Libraries suggested that individuals can utilize the library at Northolt Leisure Centre or the community hub at Southall library as alternate options. The statement also expressed apologies for any inconvenience this may cause and thanked residents and library personnel for their understanding.

Reports of bedbug infestations in Paris were made in September, and the following month, there were concerns about bedbug sightings on the London Underground.

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Bedbugs have the ability to conceal themselves in numerous locations such as clothes, beds, furnishings, reading material, and other objects. Although their bites may result in itchiness, they typically do not lead to any other health concerns.

Source: theguardian.com