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‘Loss and damage’ deal struck to help countries worst hit by climate crisis

Nations have reached a consensus on essential steps to provide financial support to the most at-risk individuals in the world in order to address the effects of climate change. Governments from richer and poorer countries drew up the blueprint for…

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Players from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh miss practice due to smog covering Delhi.

The Sri Lankan cricket team wore face masks as they arrived for their match against Bangladesh in Delhi, where the air quality was affected by smog. Players from both teams who have asthma chose to stay indoors for their safety….

Climate Environment World News

Can my laptop’s death be outlasted by the Earth? | Stewart Lee

I The Apple Store can be a disorienting experience, resembling a mix of a luxurious hotel lobby in Los Angeles, the deadly setting from Logan’s Run, and the secretive headquarters of Hydra ™ ®. The process of trying to get…

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According to a WHO expert, politicians who postpone taking action on climate change will have to face the resulting outcomes.

The leading environmental expert at the World Health Organization has cautioned that politicians who prolong taking action on climate change must be ready to face the consequences for humanity. “Are you prepared to handle the consequences of delaying action?” asked…

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The global week captured in 20 photographs.

Kibbutz Nir Oz, Israel . An image captured during an Israeli military-organized media visit displays a house in kibbutz Nir Oz, a community near the Gaza Strip targeted by Hamas militants on October 7. The photo depicts a bloody handprint…

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Is it possible to stop flying and adopt a vegan lifestyle? It seemed daunting at first, but I managed to reduce my carbon footprint by 61% and it actually made my life easier and more fulfilling. | Jo Clay

Throughout my entire life, I have been concerned about the issue of climate change. During my childhood, we referred to it as the greenhouse effect and I naively believed that it would be resolved by the time I reached adulthood….

Climate Environment World News

Negotiations on financial support for the most vulnerable nations affected by the climate crisis have resumed.

World leaders are scheduled to convene this weekend in a final effort to reconcile significant disparities between wealthy and impoverished nations regarding strategies for providing financial assistance to those affected by climate catastrophes. Negotiations regarding financial assistance for “loss and…

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Five people have died in Italy due to Storm Ciarán, while Spain has evacuated 800 individuals as a wildfire continues to spread. This is the latest update from Europe.

Yesterday, Europe experienced heavy rain and winds reaching speeds of 200km/h (124mph), causing damage to homes and resulting in the closure of schools. Airlines and train companies also had to suspend their services due to the severe weather conditions. A…

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The United Nations will request guarantees from the United Kingdom that it will not go back on its commitment to achieving net zero emissions.

The United Nation’s secretary-general, António Guterres, will be asking the UK for confirmation that they will not go back on their climate commitments, following Rishi Sunak’s reversal on environmental actions. The United Nations is worried that countries are not following…

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The annual coral spawning event at the Great Barrier Reef, east of Cairns, has begun The yearly occurrence of coral spawning has started on the eastern side of the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns.

The yearly process of coral reproduction has commenced in the outer portion of the Great Barrier Reef. Scientists will be studying the future offspring of corals. On Thursday night, divers recorded the breeding process of soft corals at Moore Reef,…