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James Parker

Cricket Sport

Live coverage of the Cricket World Cup 2023 match between New Zealand and South Africa.

In the first over, South Africa has a score of 2-0 with de Kock scoring 2 runs and Bavuma scoring 0. Trent Boult has a strong track record against Quinton de Kock, as do other left-arm seamers. After three deliveries…

Climate Environment World News

In 2023, we have witnessed the devastating effects of climate change in real-time. However, wealthy nations are showing little effort to address the issue at Cop28. This is according to Saleemul Huq and Farhana Sultana.

P I collaborated with Saleemul Huq OBE on this article, which we submitted prior to his unfortunate passing on October 28th in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Huq was a visionary and dedicated leader in the fight for climate justice, a strong advocate…


Review of “Sparks” by Ian Johnson: Uncovering China’s Hidden Historians

T There are numerous instances of atrocities in China’s recent history for those interested in exploring its darker past. These include the 1967 incident where over 9,000 individuals were killed by Communist party members in Dao County and their bodies…

Environment World News

The mystery of the elephant deaths was finally solved after years of investigation. However, the danger is now expanding.

T The initial elephant that passed away was a male, eight years of age. It was discovered on August 24, 2020, on the southern edge of the Panda Masuie forest reserve in Zimbabwe. The elephant was found collapsed on its…

Environment Science World News

“Red-capped fly agaric is the featured fungi on Specieswatch.”

The bright red top of the fly agaric mushroom, known as Amanita muscaria, is often featured on book covers about fungi. It is easily recognizable and also hazardous, as it contains toxins and has hallucinogenic properties. The origin of its…

Environment World News

A groundbreaking study from India suggests that air pollution increases the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.

A recent study in India has revealed that breathing in polluted air can heighten the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. The research, which took place in Delhi and Chennai, discovered a correlation between inhaling high levels of PM2.5 particles…

Environment World News

The Country Diary: A Well-Planned Garden That Continues to Flourish | Written by Sara Hudston

T Traveling along the western coast path from Porlock Weir, you will come across the enchanting remains of a mathematician’s imagination. Beyond the charming thatched gatehouse that serves as the entrance to the Worthy toll road, you will come upon…


The festival showcased the techniques used to construct Stonehenge, highlighting its similarities to human methods.

The Festival of Neolithic Ideas at Stonehenge will offer a scientific perspective on the famous circle and its surrounding landscape, challenging the common belief that it is a supernatural or otherworldly entity. Various professionals, such as academics, engineers, and craftspeople,…

Climate Environment World News

A study suggests that placing cigarette-like health warnings on food packaging could decrease the consumption of meat.

A recent study proposes that labeling food with warnings similar to those found on tobacco products could assist individuals in making more informed decisions regarding not only their personal health, but also the health of the environment. A study conducted…

Climate Environment World News

A recent report warns that the Baltic Sea is facing significant obstacles in terms of climate change and biodiversity.

A recent report warns that the Baltic Sea is encountering significant difficulties as a result of the climate emergency and loss of biodiversity. Meanwhile, Sweden’s coastguard is working to mitigate the effects of an oil spill along the southern coast….